Pablo Delano: The Museum of the Old Colony

Feb. 1- March 26


Guest curator: Laura Katzman, Professor of Art History, School of Art, Design and Art History

The Museum of the Old Colony, the latest work of visual artist Pablo Delano (b. 1954) is an ongoing conceptual art installation that addresses the complex history of his native Puerto Rico since 1898, when the Caribbean island was seized by the United States from Spain as a “possession” in the Spanish-American War. Appropriating archival photographs, film footage, and found popular artifacts, Delano’s installation provocatively critiques the stereotypes and entrenched misperceptions of Puerto Rico disseminated in mainstream media over the past 124 years. The work thus speaks to the relationship between U.S. imperial power and the island-nation, and to the lasting and devastating legacies of colonial rule. At the same time, MotOC illuminates the power of images to inculcate cultural values as well as the authority of museums to confer meaning on the images and objects that such trusted institutions have collected and displayed.

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