types-of-editing-173x103 11-09-18

New Experimental Course Teaches WRTC Students Advanced Editing Skills 
WRTC students who have completed WRTC 300: Professional Editing have an opportunity to learn advanced editing skills in new experimental course, WRTC 401E.

digital-storytelling-173x103 11-01-18

Culture, Community and Environment in Ireland
The Culture, Community and Environment in Ireland summer program offers a unique study abroad experience, one that is interdisciplinary and community-oriented.

body-talk-173x103 10-30-18

Body Talk: How Do We Conceptualize a "Normal" Body?
A new cross-disciplinary course explores what language we use to conceptualize a "normal" body across axes of gender, race, age, mobility and sexual orientation.

digicomm-thumb-173x103 10-26-18

A Great Option for Spring: Build your Digital Skills and Learn How to be a Consultant.
WRTC 359: Digital Communication Consulting course teaches students how to teach other students digital skills. 

the-bleeding-edge-173x103 10-22-18

Mark Your Calendars: Documentary The Bleeding Edge Screening at JMU
WRTC in partnership with the Medical Humanities minor will host a screening of the new documentary "The Bleeding Edge" in the Grafton-Stovall Theater on October 30 at 7pm.

ressaire-toni-thumb-173x103 10-19-18

Who Writes Content for Voice Interfaces Such as Siri and Google Assistant? It Could Be You.
Toni Byrd Ressaire, graduate of JMU's MS in Technical and Scientific Communication program ('08), speaks to WRTC faculty and students.

jen-interview-thumb-173x103 06-14-18 Interview with Jennifer Almjeld 

In this interview, Jen Almjeld, Director of Graduate Studies in WRTC, highlights the unique opportunities available in the WRTC graduate program.

the-breeze-thumb-173x103 04-12-18 The Breeze - WRTC Professor Teaches Course on Prison Writing 

WRTC professor Sarah O'Connor's WRTC 426 Prison Writing course was featured in The Breeze on 3-1-18.

hackathon-thumb-173x103  02-15-18 JMU Shines at "Caring for the Caregiver" Hackathon 

WRTC's Elizabeth Pass helps JMU team to a top three spot in the annual "Caring for the Caregiver HACK" in Richmond, VA.

10-year-anniv-thumb-173x103 02-14-18 Ten Years of WRTC 

On Valentine's Day 2008, the Dean of the College of Arts and Letters announced the formation of a new, interdisciplinary academic unit.

girls-who-code-thumbnail 02-06-18

WRTC Student and Faculty Start Harrisonburg's First "Girls Who Code" Event

If WRTC major Catie Willett has her way, the future will be more welcoming to women in computer science.

whitten-maher-2018-thumbnail-173x103 01-29-18

“We All Need a Voice”: Remembering Whitten Maher

Read any Breeze article by Whitten Maher and you'll appreciate the JMU Foundation scholarship that the Maher family has founded in his name.



Dr. Lori Beth De Hertogh Receives 2017 Excellence in Teaching & Learning with Technology Award 
JMU's Innovation Services recognizes teachers who have demonstrated leadership in teaching and technologies at JMU and beyond. 



WRTC Announces the JB Hancock Endowed Scholarship for Writing and New Media 
The JB Hancock Scholarship will award at least $1000 annually to one or more WRTC majors who have created compelling writing/new media projects. 



WRTC Participates in the New Cross Disciplinary Minor in Medical Humanities 
Designed to complement any major, the Medical Humanities minor provides students with a humanistic and social study of illness, health and the body. 



WRTC Houses New Cross Disciplinary Minor in Disability Studies 
 Beginning in Fall 2017, JMU students will have the opportunity to earn the new, interdisciplinary Minor in Disability Studies. 



WRTC Colleagues Provide Writing Workshops for City of Harrisonburg Firefighters 
August 11, 2017: WRTC colleagues Cindy Allen and Kristin Knapp facilitated six writing workshops for city of Harrisonburg firefighters over the summer. 

McCarthy, Godfrey, Hodges May 2016 Madison Magazine photo


Dr. Seán McCarthy and Dr. Mollie Godfrey Recieve Award for Outstanding College-Community Project 
Dr. McCarthy (WRTC) and Dr. Godfrey (ENG) received the 2017 "Outstanding College-Community Project Award" for "Celebrating Simms." 



Michael Critzer Interviewed by Heroic World About His New Book on Superheroes 
By day, Michael Critzer teaches college students about superheroes, but by night he seeks to understand their moral character, resulting in his inspirational new book. 



Dr. Jen Almjeld Receives Prestigious Award for Outstanding Digital Production/Scholarship 
Dr. Jen Almjeld was selected as the 2016 recipient of the Michelle Kendrick Outstanding Digital Production/Scholarship Award. 



Dr. Alex Parrish's Research Featured on NPR's With Good Reason 
In an NPR interview, Dr. Alex Parrish argues the importance of recognizing animal voices. 

CCCC 183x130 thumbnail


WRTC Faculty Present at Inaugural CCCCs Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference 
Four WRTC faculty were selected to present at the first-ever Mid-Atlantic Regional CCCCs conference held at Virginia Commonwealth University in June. `

Lunsford Honors Award thumbnail 172x108


2017 Provost's Award for Honors Teaching and Service 
Scott Lunsford receives 2017 Provost's Award for Honors Teaching and Service. 

Whitten Maher thumbnail


"Speaking up in a Sea of Silence": Remembering Whitten Maher 
Read any Breeze article by Whitten Maher and you'll appreciate the JMU Foundation Scholarship that the Maher family has founded in his name. 

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