What does UDAP do?

UDAP is a JMU sponsored program that protects your credit rating and allows you to get utility service connections without a deposit.
JMU becomes your guarantor for payments up to specified limits: $200 for gas, $300 for electric, and $185 for water.
If you move out of your apartment and/or your utilities have been disconnected, you will be sent a bill for three months from the utility company. If it remains unpaid, UDAP will pay the utility company. The amount that UDAP pays will be put on your JMU tuition bill and a hold placed on your JMU records. If the amount due exceeds the UDAP limit, that portion will be turned over to a collection agency at the three month time period.

Who is eligible for a UDAP contract?

To be eligible for UDAP (verified through MyMadison):

  1. Must be enrolled as degree-seeking and currently active.
  2. No JMU financial holds (please take care of all holds before purchasing a UDAP contract).
  3. Must be a student living off-campus.
  4. Requires a JMU Email account.

How much is a UDAP contract?


When can I purchase a contract?

Contracts go on sale April 1 for the next school year and can be purchased at any time through MyMadison. Contract terms end on July 31 of the following year.

How do I purchase a UDAP contract?

The contract can be purchased online through the Student Center in MyMadison.  After you purchase your contract, contact the utility companies with your contract number to connect your service and set up your billing methods. 

What are my responsibilities when I buy a UDAP contract?

You are responsible for connecting / disconnecting all your utilities (UDAP has no authority to connect or disconnect your utilities).
If you go away for the summer, you are still responsible for any charges as long as the utility connections are in your name.
If you sublease your apartment, disconnect all utilities in your name. The person subleasing the apartment should put all utilities in his/her own name and can purchase his/her own UDAP contract.

Do I need to disconnect my utilities when I move?

Yes!  Buying a UDAP contract makes JMU your guarantor for late bills, but it is still your responsibility to manage your utilities.  When you move out, you have to call your utility companies and cancel your connections.  If you do not, you will be charged for services you did not need, and will  have to pay extra money.

I bought a UDAP contract and I am moving. Do I need another contract for my new apartment?

No, the contract is good for one year and covers the student wherever he/she lives. Whoever is moving into your old residence may need a contract to cover them there. Contact the utility companies, and let them know you have moved. 

I am graduating in May but living in my apartment until August. Is there a summer UDAP contract that I can buy?

UDAP is primarily for current JMU students, however after April 1, the contract that you buy is good through July 31st of the following year.  For example, if you buy a contract in April 2013, it will be good through July 31st, 2014. This means that, you can buy a contract now that will be valid all summer until you move.  Remember to disconnect your utilities, or you will be responsible for all bills after you move.

My roommate bought a UDAP contract and didn't tell me. Now we both have one. Can I get a refund?

The UDAP contract is non-refundable, but if two contracts are purchased, we may be able to give a refund in limited circumstances. Please, contact us before moving into your residence. If you have used both contracts for any period of time, we cannot give you a refund. 

I bought a contract in May for the summer, but now I am not a student anymore. Can I get a refund?

The UDAP contract is non-refundable. If it is used for any period of time, it cannot be voided.

What happens if my roommates and I want to share the responsibility for our utilities?

UDAP is a contract tied to an individual, not a residence.  If you are putting electric in one roommate's name, and water in another, each roommate must buy a UDAP contract.  If for some reason you need to take over responsibility for utilties from a roommate, you must purchase your own UDAP and go through the process of connecting your utilties from the start.  If that is the case, make sure the roommate disconnected the utilities from their name first!

I tried to purchase a contract but an error message appeared on my screen. Why does it not work?

The most likely reasons are a financial hold on your account or an existing contract.  If you do not have any holds, please contact Off Campus Life and describe the problem.