About UDAP

 UDAP is a JMU sponsored program that allows you to get utility service connections without a deposit.
JMU becomes your guarantor (or co-signer) for payments up to specified limits: $200 for gas, $300 for electric, and $185 for water.  To protect your credit rating, JMU will pay for any missed bills up to that limit, which then will be charged to your MyMadison account.

If you move out of your apartment and/or your utilities have been disconnected without paying your final bill, you will be sent a bill for three months from the utility company. If it remains unpaid, UDAP will pay the utility company. The amount that UDAP pays will be put on your JMU tuition bill and a hold placed on your JMU records.

If the amount due exceeds the UDAP limit, that portion will be turned over to a collection agency at the three month time period.  This will put your credit rating at risk, making it very important to pay your bills on time even if you purchase a UDAP contract.


To be eligible for UDAP (verified through MyMadison):

  1. Must be enrolled as degree-seeking and currently active.
  2. No JMU financial holds (please take care of any holds before purchasing a UDAP contract).
  3. Must be a student living off-campus.
  4. Requires a JMU Email account.

UDAP's Mission

The mission of the Utilities Deposit Assistance Program is to provide enrolled JMU students with a guarantor for their utilities to protect their credit ratings while living off-campus.