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Audio Visual Options and Descriptions

Projector and TV Displays

All of our spaces are equipped with either TV Displays or projectors— sometimes both! Projectors and TV displays allow users to present their content using the many different display methods offered. Most of our spaces are equipped with multiple methods of display, allowing presenters the choice to display different output sources.

Large LCD screen displays are provided in rooms 3200, 3202, 4040, 4041, 4045, 4047, and 4049. Projectors are available in rooms 1075, 4040, 4041, 4042, 4043, 4044, 4046, and 4047.

Dell 2 in 1 Tablets

Our staff provides a Dell 2 in 1 Tablet in each room, except in room 3200, which can be utilized in conjunction with any of our display methods to give the presenter the choice of how to display their content.

Floor Boxes

Users can display their desired content by connecting their personal devices to the floor boxes provided in each room. These devices can be connected through HDMI or VGA cords and the appropriate adaptor is provided by the Success Center staff. There are multiple floor boxes in most rooms in order to provide different content across multiple displays.

Air Media

Air Media allows users in our spaces to wirelessly present via the Dell 2 in 1 tablets. This software also allows wireless connections via personal Mac or Windows laptops.


The SSC uses the Splashtop software to simulate a Mac desktop wirelessly to a projector or display. This software is found on the provided Dell 2 in 1 tablets in each room. Presenters utilize this method to have freedom of movement with a familiar method of presentation. 

Apple TV

Apple TV is located in each of our spaces, allowing users to present their iOS device wirelessly onto a number of projectors and displays. This gives the viewers an exact mirror image of what is displayed on the presenter's device.


The Student Success Center provides microphones in our spaces, as well as headsets for those with a hearing impairment. These microphones can be used in conjunction with our room cameras so that presenters can record their sessions to be uploaded to NJVID.


Each of our spaces has at least two cameras that can be set to record a presentation and have the recording uploaded to NJVID.

Smart Board

Room 4042 provides a Smart Board giving the user a stylus-interactive desktop environment. It allows multiple users to draw virtual illustrations with our four styluses.

SSC Laptop and MacBook

A PC laptop and a MacBook are both available for rental on request. The content of these laptops can be displayed using the floor boxes provided in each space.

Document Cameras

Document cameras present content in hard copy to any of the projectors or displays. We have doc cameras available upon request that connect to the floor boxes in each room.

Clickers for Slideshow

Clickers can be requested to facilitate presentations.

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