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Explain STEM?
STEM is the collection of disciplines in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, including preparation to teach in these disciplines. STEM disciplines are critical to our nation's economy and national security. They offer the potential for fascinating jobs and careers that make a difference in our future.

What is Education and Outreach?
Education and Outreach is the process of teaching, learning, and sharing resources about different disciplines.

What is a Center?
A Center is a place for the concentration of effort and activity. A group of people committed to a particular endeavor.

What is the JMU STEM Education and Outreach Center?
(Noun.) The STEM Education and Outreach Center is a concentration of the efforts of faculty, staff and students at JMU dedicated to improving STEM teaching and learning in grades K-16 by building communities, sharing resources, and collaborating on projects to benefit students and teachers, parents, and policymakers.

What types of resources are available for K-12 teachers?
There are a variety of opportunities for K-12 teachers, including courses, degree programs, workshops and lectures, along with a variety of facilities. You'll find links to all of these things and more on this page.

What types of resources are available for parents?
We provide connection points to different JMU programs and facilities available to children and the general public. Please visit the parents page.

What kinds of opportunities are available for University faculty?
The Center provides links to workshops and professional development opportunities for JMU and other faculty, along with connections to the different facilities available on campus. Please visit the Higher Education page for more information.

Can you major in STEM?
No. STEM isn't a major, it's a collection of majors that involve Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.