James Madison University

Collaborative Learning Club

The Collaborative Learning Club (CLC) is designed for students that either attended the 2012 Summer Bridge Program or intend to major in a STEM related field (JMU is closed to only SBP participants). As a member, students will enjoy many benefits, such as:

  • A smooth start that weaves connections across college campuses
  • An opportunity to interact with faculty members and upperclassmen
  • An avenue for convenient, natural study groups
  • A strong social support system
  • An environment of hands-on, active, involved, exploratory learning
  • A classroom that resembles real life social and employment situations
  • An environment where students can practice their leadership skills

Each campus will coordinate activities individually and structure the CLC differently while maintaining the goal of integrating students to a college environment and encouraging growth in the STEM discipline. If you participated in the SBP, the remaining $800.00 will be divided into two payments: $600 after the first semester/$200 after the second semester. Please refer to the following CLC stipend explanation or your home institution for specific guidelines needed to earn the remaining $800.00 as well as CLC program details.


Megan Cullip ('15) credits the Summer Bridge Program
Megan Cullip had her first taste of science and mathematics courses at Bridgewater College before she ever set foot on campus as a freshman. Read More