Professor, employer, friend and mentor

Remembering Conrad Logan

By Mina Graves Thomas Burgess ('30)

Conrad Travis Logan, who was my English professor from 1926 to 1930, was more than a teacher. He was also my employer, friend and mentor.

I was 16 years old when I entered what was then known as State Teachers College at Harrisonburg. I know now how lucky I was to secure a scholarship to work as an intern in professor Logan’s office. His classes were periods of enrichment and polished examples of English language usage. He was both a Virginia gentleman and scholar.

During summer vacations, professor Logan taught at Columbia University in New York City, and I spent my summers in New York employed in various clerical jobs. He invited me to the Faculty Club for dinner and to attend different plays. One of the first plays I saw was Coquette with Helen Hayes. I was 16, very impressionable and, of course, I had a "crush" on Conrad Logan. He, on the other hand, knew that I was a student and he was the professor.

I had a full college life as president of my freshman and sophomore classes, business manager of the junior class and president of the student body. I am now retired from teaching.

Logan Hall, which was completed in 1951 and named to honor professor Logan, is located on the JMU Quad behind Jackson Hall.