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Tips to Avoid Receiving a Citation

  • Pay close attention to the restrictions posted at the entrance to every JMU parking lot.

  • Always park in accordance with the markings on the asphalt and posted signs when in paved parking lots and in front of a parking block when in gravel lots.

  • Remember that no vehicle may be parked, stopped or left standing in a fire lane for any length of time, regardless of the circumstances. Emergency flashers are not considered justification to park illegally.

  • Obtain a temporary permit if you need to park an unregistered vehicle on campus. Temporary parking permits are available for purchase at Parking Services for a fee of $5 per day.

  • Report a disabled vehicle to Parking Services immediately. Citations issued to disabled vehicles may be dismissed only if Parking Services is notified prior to the time the citation is issued.

  • Do not park your vehicle in a metered parking space if the parking meter is malfunctioning.

  • If you need to load or unload items from a vehicle, obtain a loading and unloading parking permit from Parking Services. Remember that loading and unloading permits do not allow drivers to park vehicles in fire lanes, handicap spaces, expired meters, etc.

  • Do not assume it is okay to park illegally even if others are doing so.

  • Remember that notes left on vehicle windshields are not justification to park illegally.

  • Read and understand the complete "Parking Regulations".

  • Plan to arrive early to campus during times of high traffic in order to allow sufficient time to locate an appropriate parking space.

  • Consider alternative transportation, such as the Harrisonburg Public Transit System, if you have a class or event during a particularly busy time of day.

  • When parking is unavailable in close proximity to your destination, proceed to parking areas on the periphery of campus where vacant spaces are almost always available and walk or ride the bus to your destination.

  • If you are at all uncertain about whether or not it is appropriate to park your vehicle at a particular location, contact Parking Services at 540.568.3300 to inquire before parking your vehicle.