Parking Spaces

General: 390

Metered: 0

Visitor: 0

Handicap: 8

Motorcycle: 0

Service: 0

Housekeeping: 0

Hall Director: 0

Misc: 0

Total: 398

Parking Availability
Permit Types Mon-Thu Fri Sat-Sun
Purple Zone: $_DateTool.format('h:mm aaa', $_DateTool.getDate($start.value)) - $_DateTool.format('h:mm aaa', $_DateTool.getDate($end.value)) $_DateTool.format('h:mm aaa', $_DateTool.getDate($start.value)) - $_DateTool.format('h:mm aaa', $_DateTool.getDate($end.value)) $_DateTool.format('h:mm aaa', $_DateTool.getDate($start.value)) - $_DateTool.format('h:mm aaa', $_DateTool.getDate($end.value))
Commuter: 24 hrs/day 24 hrs/day 24 hrs/day
Resident: Restricted Restricted Restricted
Freshmen: Restricted Restricted Restricted


Commuter parking begins beyond the overhead "COMMUTER PARKING BEGINS HERE" sign

Deck closes at 4pm on the Friday before home football games

No overnight parking

280 Champions Dr

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