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Engraving of Egyptian Art TempleA class with Professor Strong during her first semester at JMU began Tiffany Grant's interest in art history. Above an engraving of Egyptian Art Temple of Chensu at Karnak, built by Rhamses III, ca. 1198 B.C.E., from Architecture, Sculpture, and the Industrial Arts Among the Nations of Antiquity, courtesy of Madison Digital Image Database.

Igniting my interest

By Tiffany Grant ('11)

During my first semester at James Madison University, I attended an art history class taught by Dr. Lisa Strong. While I realize now that I still have many semesters to complete and many professors to encounter, it was Dr. Strong’s poise and knowledge that made that class so interesting, enlightening, challenging and fun. Dr. Strong’s composure and education, organizational skills and self-confidence made me look forward to being in her class and developed in me an interest in art history. Dr. Strong always came to class with a smile on her face and with a willingness to help her students understand art history.

"She made me look forward to being in her class and developed in me an interest in art history."

Last Updated: Monday, January 30, 2017

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