• Caroline F. Braun ('09), left, with Lindsay Casale ('09) in Portugal The best year of my life
    August 1, 2009: Caroline Braun spent her junior year studying abroad learning culture, history and language in England and Spain. "I am a stronger, more independent, confident and happier person because of my Study Abroad. It prepared me for life after JMU,"...
  • Jessica Harvey ('11) proudly displays her 'I Survived HIST 395' T-shirt. Making historians
    August 1, 2009: Learning to conduct solid, trustworthy research is one of the rewards of this challenging history course.
  • A Q&A with Paul McDowell ('11) on his HIST 395 research project Validating my potential
    August 1, 2009: <strong>A Q&A with Paul McDowell ('11) on his HIST 395 research project</strong><br /> <em>Rising junior Paul McDowell is a member of the Honors Program and the JMU Honors Learning...
  • Brian Nolan ('02), Columbia Records exec, tells JMU students that persistence and dedication pay off. Back in the 'Burg
    August 1, 2009: Columbia Records exec shares with students.
  • A web of connections is formed as students connect to each other, connect ideas, and connect rational and intuitive modes of learning From Black Elk to Black Holes
    August 1, 2009: Science and religion tell compelling but conflicting stories about our origins. Can modern scientific knowledge synthesize with time-honored wisdom?
  • gentili-florence-buildings.jpg Leave home, find yourself
    August 1, 2009: Arts, science, politics and humanities, coupled with a manageable size, make Florence popular with students, who can traverse the city in less than 30 minutes by foot.
  • Julie Solometo, anthropology, Chevelon Archaeological Research Project, artifact Archaeological Field School Unearths Surprise
    January 1, 2009: A mapping project at JMU's first archaeological field school in the American Southwest yielded an out-of-place artifact that has left Director Julie Solometo and other anthropologists puzzled.

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