Progression through the Major

Please keep the following requirements in mind as you select courses to progress through the justice studies major.  Students should expect to take at least 4-5 semesters to finish the major.  We offer very little in the summer so students should not expect to use the summer to reduce this time schedule.

  • JUST 200 is a prerequisite for all JUST courses.   

  • JUST 200 may NOT be taken during the same semester as any other JUST designated course.

  • You may enroll in a 200 level JUST foundation course(s) for the following semester while you are enrolled in JUST 200.

  • JUST 200 and a track foundation course are requirements for all 300 level courses.  

  • All majors must complete 6 elective courses designation for their track.  Only two of these electives may be non-JUST designated courses. 

  • Also note that Math 220 is the prerequisite for JUST 399, which is in turn the prerequisite for JUST 400.  

Changes Effective Fall 2015:

  • The JUST 300 core requirement has changed (see below).  Students will select one of the following courses to meet this requirement: JUST 300, JUST 323, JUST 328

  • JUST 323 will no longer count as a Track A Elective

  • Under no circumstance will JUST 3223 count as both a required core course and a Track A elective course

Core Courses

These courses are required for ALL Justice Studies Majors:

JUST 100    Proseminar (1 Credit)

JUST 200    Introduction to Justice Studies (3)
JUST 399    Justice Research Methods (4)

JUST 400    Senior Seminars in Justice Studies (3)
Choose one of the following: (3)

JUST 300 Perspectives on Comparative Justice Systems

JUST 323 Comparative Criminal Justice

JUST 328 Race, Class and Justice

Choose one of the following (which is not required for your track): (3)

JUST 210. Introduction to Crime and Criminal Justice   
JUST 212. Theories of Crime and Criminal Justice   
JUST 221. Social Justice Theories   
JUST 223. Social Justice Interventions and Policies   
JUST 235. Justice in the Global Community

TOTAL   17 Credits

The other credits for the major (41 total) will come from track-specific requirements; please see the Undergraduate Catalog for more information:

Current Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017

Previous Catalogs

Catalog 2015-2016

Catalog 2014-2015

Catalog 2013-2014

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