How can I fit Swahili study into my undergraduate major?

  • BA: If you are working toward a BA degree, Swahili will count for the language requirement.

  • BS: If you are working toward a BS or other degree, Swahili can count toward elective courses.

  • Many universities, including JMU, also occasionally offer Swahili during the summer in US or abroad.

Can I join the East Africa Field School before I study Swahili?

Yes, the scholarship is available for beginner, intermediate, and advanced Swahili students.

How long is the 2019 East Africa Field School?

8 weeks (12 credit hours)

What is involved in Project GO language assessments?

Project GO contracts with national testing organizations to implement post-program language assessments for scholarship recipients in speaking, listening and reading skills. The assessments are conducted via phone.

How will it benefit me to know Swahili?

  • It will aid inter-cultural communication, research and travel in East Africa.

  • It is an essential tool for accessing the cultures of East Africa.

  • It will broaden and increase career opportunities.

  • It will improve your understanding of yourself and others.

Where can I go for more information about East Africa and what I would be doing there?

Please see JMU East Africa Field School

(Note that Project GO students are required to participate in both Part I and Part II of the East Africa Field School.)

Can I study other languages through Project GO?

Yes, Project GO offers ROTC students support for the study of many different languages in a wide variety of settings. See

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