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Permanent Residents

It is JMU’s policy to file petitions for permanent residency with the Department of Labor for all eligible tenure-track Faculty.   PERM is the application for Labor Certification Determination, with which an employer can request a green card for its permanent, full-time professional employees.  Because of nuances within the law, it is more difficult and time consuming to obtain a Labor Certification for non-teaching positions, and the ISSS is unable to devote the resources to filing PERM’s for anything other than tenure-track teaching positions.  If the non-teaching employee wishes to hire his/her own attorney in an attempt to secure a green card, ISSS will cooperate fully, to the extent allowable by law. 

To this end, please notify ISSS as soon as you have made an offer to an international person for a tenure-track faculty position.  The search chair will be asked to complete a report on the selection process and a copy of the advertisement will be needed.  It is possible, should the PERM case be audited, that additional information will be requested, but for most positions this is all that is needed for the PERM.

Once the Labor Certification has been issued, JMU and the employee will file a joint petition to request a green card for the employee based on that position.  At that time several fees are required by the Department of Homeland Security and the hiring school is asked to share the costs of that fee.  Please contact ISSS for additional information should you have questions about this policy.