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iCareer is a series of informative discussions and presentations to provide important resources and address the unique needs/issues faced by international students as they are preparing for their academic/career path beyond James Madison University.

What do you plan to do when you graduate from JMU? Will you go to grad school? Do you plan to work? Will you be going home? Will you stay in the U.S.? How does your immigration status impact your options? What resources are there to help you sort through all of this and more?... These are some of the questions that you need to be thinking about as it will trigger more questions. To help you sort through and answer these questions and situations, as well as give you tips and advice to help you be successful, we have organized a series of discussions, sessions and presentations to address your specific issues… and remember, it is never too early to plan for your future.

Program Information
    • How should I approach employers about a work permit application? 
    • What should I be doing differently? 
    • let's be real, as someone shared: "I am international, and I feel like, as soon as they know they would have to offer me a sponsorship for a work visa, they are not interested anymore."

    Staff from Career and Academic Planning and international Student & Scholar Services want to sit down with you to honestly answer your questions, share resources and assist you with your job/internship search.

Let’s help with the distribution of food to men, women and children in need in the DC area by volunteering at the Food Bank. We’ll celebrate our hard work with a casual dinner with JMU international alumni. Create meaningful connections and add a valuable experience  to your resume.

9:30am  Leave JMU

1-4pm    Volunteer at the Capital Food Bank

5-7pm    Casual dinner reunion with intl. alumni

9:30pm  Back in Harrisonburg

  • Starting in February, if you plan to work this summer or after you graduate make sure to apply for OPT today by making an appointment with Marlee Meikrantz Sharp. Obtaining a post completion OPT approval can take 3 months.

Download the different handouts for each of the sessions offered during the International Student Career Day: OPT session presentation slides, Work Visa session presentation slides, the Easy Guide to Hiring Foreign Graduates handout and Market Your Global-Self session handout.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Thomas Lavenir (540) 568-7314.

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