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Conference Schedule

Last year's conference schedule:

April 1st 2016
6-7:30pm  What's your name?
6:15pm Knives & forks, chopsticks, or hands?
7:30pm What is your tactic?
9:45pm Let's take a break!
10:00pm How does it end?

April 2nd 2016
8:30am Breakfast
9:30am Concurrent Sessions - Section One:
10:45am Keynote Address- Accidental Activist
12pm Lunch
1:15pm Concurrent Sessions - Section Two
2:30pm Workshop; Storytelling & Social Media
3:30pm Let's take a break!
3:45pm Concurrent Sessions - Section Three
4:45pm Personal time to get ready for the evening
6:20pm Happy Hour
7:20pm  Bon appetit!
8:30pm Let's dance!

What is the typical conference schedule like?

While the conference will take place on March 24 and 25, 2017, the detailed schedule is not yet available, however you can ...

  • Plan to attend both the Friday and Saturday portions of the conference considering that the Saturday sessions will be closely tied with Friday night activities. 

Friday Night (March 24)

  • You may want to go directly to your hotel and check-in to your room(s) first. Hotels are located very close to the conference location (5 minutes [driving distance] away)
  • Arrive at the conference location by 6pm. Your group will need to report to the registration desk to check-in and. Come prepared to have dinner, then enjoy activities with students from around the world, led by our moderator: Salorne McDonald.

Saturday (March 25)

  • Arrive by 8:30am to enjoy breakfast. Group activities will then take place.


  • We will be relying on volunteers to provide informative sessions during the different session times offered on Saturday. If you would like to present a session please complete a session proposal today! A session could be a formal presentation, an experiential learning activity, a panel which focuses on an aspect of leadership and/or being an "international student." Some previous ISLC sessions have covered a wide array of issues: X-Cultural Communication, Women in leadership positions, the importance of relaxation, Tools for being an effective student org. exec. member. Think of the skills, experiences, perspectives that you have to bring and offer to others and present them in a creative and interactional way. Remember that the more interactive the workshop is the better.

Saturday Night

  • We will allocate over an hour between the last session of the day and our dinner followed by a dance party. You may take this time to rest and change or to take part in outdoor activities. Plan accordingly and bring a change of clothes if need be since we are hoping that individuals will dress to impress (traditional clothing encouraged) to mark the end of the conference on a special note.