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Session Proposal

Presenters are expected to facilitate an interactive session during the allotted time of 60 minutes and are intended for an audience typically of 30-50 people. Proposals should include a description of the topic and details on how the presenter will make this session a “hands-on” experience for attendees.

In addition to wanting basic information: First & Last Name | Country/ies | E-mail | Phone # | Name of Institution | Status/Position Title | Name of co-presenter(s) & institution, we will need the following information from you:

  • Session Title (limit 20 words)
  • Which category best describes your session? 
    • ["Accidental Leadership"] Leadership Sessions- these sessions are meant to provide participants with leadership scenarios, lessons, practices and discussions. Examples of such sessions based on previous sessions are: Engaging your followers/community, tips and tricks about fundraising, tough decisions 101

    • ["A New World Begins"] Hot Topic Sessions- these sessions are meant to be more informational and/or educational. The presenter(s) is a scholar or is very experienced in the field of the hot topic that he/she will be presenting. The purpose of this type of sessions is meant for participants to take away some concrete information, and/or to help them lead and advocate for changes in this particular hot topic. Examples of hot topics sessions are: climate change, humanitarianism, terrorism, gender, elections, civil rights.
    • ["Within You"] Introspective Sessions- these sessions provide opportunities for individuals to share their personal stories, to reflect on their achievements, struggles and questions. Examples of such sessions based on previous sessions are: yoga, individual assessments/personality tests, personal/wellness development.
  • Session Description:
  • How will you guarantee audience participation during your proposed session?

We look forward to receiving your session proposal form by March 1st!