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JMU North of England Programme


Chester, York, and Durham, England

Program Description

Open House

Time: Satuday, Jan. 23, 3-5pm

Location: Cleveland Hall lobby

Come out to Cleveland Hall on the 24th to learn about the JMU North of England program. Dr. Stephen Chappell will be available to provide information and answer any questions you may have about this program.

Program Description

The programme requires students to enroll in two classes from the list of offered classes. We will stay in Chester (University Student Housing), York (Headley House Hotel) and Durham (University Student Housing), with lectures in the mornings and site walks or excursions in the afternoons. 

Museums include the National Railway Museum (home of the Hogwarts Express), Castle Museum, Yorkshire Museum, Jorvik exhibit in York, Beamish Living Museum, the Silk Museum in Macclesfield, the Cheshire Military Museum.  We will also visit Hadrian’s Wall, tour the castle in Durham, visit cathedrals in Chester, York and Durham, hear Evensong at York Minster, take a 24 mile ride on a vintage steam locomotive on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, have a picnic on the Yorkshire Dales, enjoy group dinners in the Mansion House in York and 1539 restaurant in Chester, overlooking the oldest racecourse in England, amongst other restaurants. 

In Durham, we will have a group high tea at the delightful and highly regarded Tealicious tearoom.  Join us for a serious education in three of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Northern England.



HIST 391. Travel History Seminar: Life, History, and Culture - North of England (3)


GHUM 250. Foundations of Western Culture: The Ancient Mediterranean (3)

HIST 271. The Ancient Mediterranean (3)

HIST 489. Selected Topics in World History: Ancient and Medieval Britain (3)

Location Description

The locations are the historic cities of Chester, York and Durham, the most important cities of the north until the industrial revolution. Chester and York were Roman towns and housed two of the three legions in the province of Britannia. All three cities were very important medieval cities with powerful guilds and bishops/archbishops. In the industrial revolution, York became a major railway centre. All three cities are located in beautiful countryside with many museums and historic buildings. The cathedrals in York and Durham are the most impressive in the north. Chester and York both include fully intact medieval city walls.


Stephen Chappell | | History


Accommodations will be provided for through residence halls/dormitories, with some meals (several lunches or dinners per week) provided by the program.

Application Process

For this program, students are required to submit the following material(s):

  • JMU Short-Term Application Form

  • A supplemental essay addressing the following question:

    "Why do you want to join this program?"

Applicants must have a GPA minimum of 2.0.

For more detailed instructions and to download the application, please click on the following link to the Applications and Forms section for JMU Short-Term Programs.

Official transcript required for first-semester transfer students and non-JMU students.

Application Deadline


All dates are tentative and subject to change


HIST 391: Travel History Seminar: Life, History, Culture - North of England (3 credits) - REQUIRED

GHUM 250: Foundations of Western Culture: The Ancient Mediterranean (3 credits)

HIST 271: The Ancient Mediterranean (3 credits)

HIST 489: Selected Topics in World History: Ancient and Medieval Britain (3 credits)