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The University of Cambridge

About The University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is situated in a stunningly beautiful city on the River Cam in eastern England, and has provided university instruction for 800 years.  Cambridge has become a leading world-class institution and a center of international learning.  Cambridge enrolls around 19,000 students, about 12,000 of whom are undergraduates.

Summer Option: 

For detailed information about studying at Cambridge during the summer, visit the Cambridge website at

A two-week course will provide 3 JMU credits, and a four-week course will provide 6 JMU credits.  JMU students will work with Dr. Linder, the Program Director, to arrange for appropriate JMU credit.

Fees vary by program, and include tuition, room, and two meals per day.  See for more information.

Last year’s application deadline was late spring, and it varied by program.  If you’re interested in studying in Cambridge this upcoming summer, you should meet with Dr. Linder in January to talk seriously about the application and coursework. He is the director and main point person to answer questions from the JMU side. The upcoming summer’s courses should be posted by December, so be sure to keep an eye open for that posting.


The application for admission for Cambridge has a number of parts, all of which must be received by the oIP before your application can be processed. Please make certain that you have completed all steps in this application process.

A completed Study At Oxford, Cambridge, and St Andrews Program application consists of the following components as listed below:

* students are encouraged to contact Dr. Fletcher Linder, the Study At Oxford, Cambridge, and St Andrews Program Director, for assistance with and prior to completing the ICE Application.


Applications are collected throughout the academic year beginning on the first day of fall semester classes in August for the upcoming open terms. Your application will be processed after the following deadline:

  • February 1 prior to the year you intend to study abroad.

If the application deadline falls on a Saturday or Sunday, applications will be accepted until 5 p.m. on the next business day.

Applications received after these deadlines will be considered on a space-available basis.


Submit your completed paper copy of applications in person or by mail to:

Office of International Programs
JMAC 6, Suite 22, MSC 5731
Harrisonburg, VA 22807

If mailing from on campus:

Department: Office of International Programs, MSC 5731

By fax: 540-568-3310.

Financial Aid

JMU allows financial aid to be applied on Study At Oxford, Cambridge, and St Andrews Programs subject to the standard restrictions. For more information, please contact JMU's Financial Aid Office. You MUST complete a "Request to Enter into a Consortium Agreement" if you wish to apply your financial aid to Study At Oxford, Cambridge, and St Andrews Programs.


Acceptance into a Study At Oxford, Cambridge, and St Andrews program is comprised of three stages:

  1. Admission is based on your general suitability for study abroad and will be considered based on a combination of factors:
    1. your most recent cumulative GPA
    2. academic background in your proposed field of study
    3. professor's recommendations (if applicable to your program)
    4. essay and other application materials (if applicable to your program)
    5. class level or seniority
  1. You will be informed of the admission decision by the posted notification dates. You will be notified of your acceptance status by an official acceptance letter from the oIP. Letters are mailed to your current local address and/or permanent address. Please note that although you may receive informal communication from your program director regarding the status of your acceptance, your admission to the program is not official until you receive the acceptance letter from the oIP. Acceptance is contingent on maintaining the minimum GPA required for the program and on review of your record with Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and University Business Office.

  2. Oxford University, Cambridge University or University of St Andrews will process each application recommended by JMU. Notification from the host institution will be distributed to the oIP and shared with each candidate. 

Choosing to Enroll

Your acceptance letter will include a Statement of Intent to Participate form. By signing and returning this form and submitting the non-refundable deposit (see below), you will be notifying oIP that you wish to participate in the program.

Additional Information

Letters of acceptance and official Intent to Participate forms will be mailed to local addresses as noted above.

If you wish to participate, you will be required to sign and return the Statement of Intent to Participate to accept the terms of the program and secure your place. This form must be returned by the deposit deadline stated in the official acceptance letter to University Business Office, MSC 3516, along with a check payable to James Madison University for the non-refundable deposit of ten percent (10%) of the estimated program cost for the full year or fall or spring terms. This deposit will be applied to the program fee charged by JMU. A $500 non-refundable deposit is charged for the summer program option, which is not part of the program fee.

If at any time you wish to withdraw from the program, you must inform the oIP, not the program faculty director. The oIP will not accept verbal cancellations in person or by phone; official notification of withdrawal should be made in writing or by e-mail. Otherwise, you will continue to receive bills and be responsible for payment of the tuition and course fees and/or instructional fees and study abroad program expenses. Please note that we cannot refund your deposit if you choose to withdraw after accepting your place in the program. However, if your application is not approved by St Andrews, Oxford, or Cambridge, the deposit will be refunded as a credit on your student account.

Any questions or concerns?

Contact Fletcher Linder, Program Director, call oIP at 540-568-6419 or send an e-mail message to:

Important Dates

  • Application Deadline: February 1
  • Notification Date: After February 15
  • Deposit Deadline: April 1


The approximate cost for the two spring terms at Cambridge is $32,000 for tuition and room. Airfare is not included, and exchange rates do fluctuate. JMU will bill for tuition and room, but board will be paid to Cambridge.

For summer, fees vary by program, and includes tuition, room, and two meals per day.  See

(Contact Fletcher Linder, Program Director for details).