Cambridge Summer Program

The University of Cambridge is situated in a stunningly beautiful town on the River Cam, and has provided university instruction for 800 years. Cambridge has become a leading world-class institution and a center of international learning. Cambridge enrolls ~19,000 students, ~12,000 of whom are undergraduates.

For detailed information about studying at Cambridge during the summer, visit the Cambridge website at

A two-week course will provide 3 JMU credits, and a four-week course will provide 6 JMU credits. JMU students will work with Dr. Linder to arrange for appropriate JMU credit.

Fees vary by program, and includes tuition, room, and two meals per day. See

Last year's application deadline was late spring, and it varied by program. If you're interested in studying in Cambridge this upcoming summer, you should meet with Dr. Linder in January to talk seriously about the application and coursework. The upcoming summer's courses should be posted by December, so be sure to keep an eye open for that posting.

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