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Spring 2015 M/S/T Pre-Approved Course List

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 Spring 2015 H/SS Pre-Approved Course List

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Fall 2014 M/S/T Pre-Approved Course List, (pdf)
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Fall 2014 H/SS Pre-Approved Course List, (pdf)
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Summer 2014 Pre-Approved Course List, (pdf)
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VA Community College Course Equivalents


Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies (IdLS)
IdLS is a liberal arts and sciences major that is cooperatively produced by four different colleges (Arts and Letters, Integrated Science and Technology, Math and Science, and Education).  The IdLS major provides content-area education for future teachers, and is designed to prepare students to meet subject area competencies required for teacher licensure in Virginia.  It is "interdisciplinary" because preK-8 teachers teach multiple subjects in ways that interweave knowledge rooted in numerous disciplines.  It is "liberal" because it liberates the mind and generates new possibilities for the future.

Who majors in IdLS?
If you are planning on teaching in the areas of early childhood (ECED), elementary (ELED), middle grades (MIED) or special education (SPED), then you major in IdLS with an Education licensure area in ECED, ELED, MIED or SPED.

You will NOT major in IdLS if you are interested in teaching at the high school level.  Future high-school level teachers must major in the relevant discipline (e.g. English, math, Spanish, biology, etc.) and minor in secondary education (SEED).  If you are interested in teaching high school history or social studies, contact Dr. David Dillard (dillarpd@jmu.edu).

Declaring the IdLS major
1. Come to the IdLS Office for transcript and program review.
2. Meet with the department head of your Education licensure area, and have him/her sign the form and assign you an education advisor. Education department heads are listed at the bottom of this page.
3. Return the form to the IdLS Office in Maury 118 for final signature. The IdLS office will assign you an IdLS advisor and send your completed form to the Registrar.

The IdLS Curriculum
There are two parts to the IdLS major -- the General Education core and the upper-division concentrations. 

All IdLS majors complete the core.  The core is composed of 53 hours of General Education courses relevant to future teachers.  By completing the core, students need only two more courses to complete JMU's General Education requirements.

Students with an Education licensure area of Middle school have their own upper-division concentration.  Students with an Education licensure area ECED, ELED choose an upper division track in Math, Science, and Technology, OR Humanities and Social Science.  SPED students pick Track 7 of the Humanities and Social Science concentration.  These curricular paths can be found in the IdLS Checklist.

IdLS and Study Abroad
IdLS students are encouraged to study abroad, but plan ahead!  We can assist you in arranging substitutions that will allow you to study abroad and continue completing your IdLS requirements.

Also, some of your General Education credits may be taken abroad. Freshmen should discuss these options with their freshman advisors and upper class students should talk with their IdLS advisors about possibilities as early in the planning process as possible.

Dr. Fletcher Linder, IdLS Director

Dr. Matthew Chamberlin, IdLS Advisor

Mrs. Donna Garber, IdLS Administrative Assistant/Advisor

Dr. Steve Baedke, IdLS Area Director for Math, Science, and Technology

Dr.Nancy Barbour , Department Head, Early Childhood and Elementary Education

Dr. Steve Purcell, 

College of Education - Professional Education Advising

Admission to College of Education

Licensure Information

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