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Once a faculty search is initiated, the academic unit or administrative unit in which the faculty member will report shall determine the composition of the search committee and determine the criteria to be used to select applicants to be interviewed, in conformance with the Faculty Recruitment Handbook guidelines.

All faculty searches will be posted on the JMU JobLink website.  Commonwealth of Virginia regulations require that faculty searches remain open for 30 days, barring any extenuating circumstances. Exceptions to the 30 day recruitment period must be approved through the Office of Equal Opportunity. All candidates must complete an electronic faculty profile and attach it to the appropriate requisition in JMU JobLink in order to be considered for the position. The search committee may begin reviewing recruitment materials after the 30 day required posting period has been met. The search committee will then compare the credentials of the applicants against the criteria established for the position. Once the 30 day required posting period has been met and the search committee determines that there are sufficient applicants in the pool to conduct a competitive search, the position will be closed to additional applicants.

The search committee will then contact individuals selected for interview. The interview process may vary, depending on the common practices of each program. For example, search committees may conduct telephone interviews in addition to inviting candidates to campus. Often the process involves several rounds of interviews.

In order to select the best applicant for a position, the search process may take several months to complete. Before an offer for a faculty position is extended to an applicant, credentials must be verified. The verification process includes, but is not necessarily limited to, transcripts, reference checks and letters of recommendation.

Advertisements for positions available in the Fall semester of a specific year will typically begin during the Fall of the previous year. For example, recruiting for faculty to fill positions available for the Fall semester 2012 may begin during the Fall of 2011. Although the position may be posted in the Fall, the committee may not begin to review applications until the first of the year.