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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What does it mean to "onboard" an employee?
Recruiting, interviewing, hiring, orienting and successfully integrating new employees into an organization's culture...laying a solid foundation and leading the way to a meaningful, productive work environment which results in strong employee relationships.

What is an onboard session?
Employees will be scheduled for a meeting with the onboard specialist to complete all universally required hiring paperwork to include the New Hire and Personal Information Changes Form, tax forms, direct deposit form, background check form and, yes, even the I-9 form! Departments will still be responsible for completing the PAR, PAW and contracts, when applicable. Employees will be scheduled for their Phase One and Phase Two Orientation session(s) when applicable. They will also receive information on scheduling their one-on-one benefits session, if needed. Additionally, employees will receive a temporary parking pass and instructions on how and when to obtain their JACard.

Who needs to be a part of an onboard session?
All newly hired and rehired non-student, full-time and part-time employees. Employees transferring from student to non-student positions, even with no break in service, will also need to meet with the onboard specialist in order to complete a new I-9 form. 

Can an employee start work before they visit the HR Service Center to complete their paperwork with the onboard specialist?
No. This is no longer an option as of July 1, 2008.

How do departments let HR know they have an employee who needs to be scheduled for an onboard session?
Departments will communicate the need for an onboard session for their employee through the onboard form located on the Onboard @ JMU website or by calling JMU-HIRE (568-4473) and providing the necessary information to the onboard specialist. Departments with multiple (10+) onboard requests having the same start date can access the Multiple Hire Spreadsheet or contact Alicia Proctor, proctoan@jmu.edu, (540) 568-4473 with questions.

When does the employee need to be part of the onboard process?
The onboard session will be scheduled by the onboard specialist sometime after the employee accepts the job offer and before his/her first day of work or before his/her transfer from a student to a non-student position. After completing the onboard session, the employee will be cleared to begin work.

How will departments know when the employee is able to begin work?
Once the employee is eligible to begin work, the onboard specialist will e-mail the departmental contact that is identified on the onboard form. The New Hire and Personal Information Changes Form will be attached with the employee's social security number blocked out. Phase One and Phase Two Orientation dates and times will also be communicated in this e-mail.

Who completes the PAR (Personnel Action Request), PAW (Pay Action Worksheet), Contract, Less-Than-12 Month Contract, Emergency Hire Form or Hiring Justification Form?
Hiring departments will need to complete the PAR form and send to HR at MSC 7009. When applicable, the other forms mentioned are also completed by the hiring department.

We have paperwork that is specific to our department. Will the onboard specialist assist with the completion of that?
Specific departmental paperwork will still be completed within the departments.

Where does my employee go for his/her onboard session?
The HR Service Center, is on the second floor of the Wine Price Building, located at 752 Ott Street Harrisonburg, VA 22807. Designated parking spaces are available for Onboard appointments.

How long will the onboard session last?
Onboard sessions for newly hired employees will take approximately 30 minutes. The length of the onboard sessions for rehired employees and student employees transferring into a non-student position will vary depending on their break in service and the required paperwork that is needed.

Do departments still contact HR to schedule Phase One and Phase Two Orientation sessions for their new employees?
Newly hired classified employees will automatically be scheduled for both Phase One and Phase Two Orientation sessions. Departments will be notified by e-mail of scheduled dates and times for these sessions.

All other employees will be provided information about upcoming orientation sessions during the onboard session. Supervisors will be responsible for contacting HR to register their employees if they are interested in attending. For information about orientation sessions or to register employees, please contact the HR department at 568-6165.

Is there a fee associated with onboarding an employee?
No fee at all! The HR Service Center is pleased to provide this service to the JMU community. This new process will eliminate the need for individual departments to complete new hire paperwork, and it will enhance our new employees' integration into JMU's culture by providing them with the information and tools they need to be successful even before their first day of work.

How do I contact the HR Service Center and the onboard specialist if I have questions?
Phone: JMU-HIRE (568-4473)
E-mail: onboard@jmu.edu