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May 2015 HR Update

2015 Summer Schedule

The university will adopt a modified summer schedule beginning Monday, May 11 and ending Friday, August 21, 2015. More information is available on our website: Click here


University Holiday Monday, May 25

As a reminder, full-time employees are expected to work 32 hours during the Memorial Day holiday week. Any hours short of a 32-hour workweek should be charged to available leave. All leave requests are subject to supervisor’s approval.

The Office of Risk Management wishes all JMU employees a safe winter holiday break. December Safety Tips

Summer School Tax Withholding Adjustments

Adjunct and full-time faculty who are teaching summer school may want to make tax withholding adjustments for their summer school compensation. Payroll Services website has an informational link for summer school tax withholding under the Announcements section. Please pay close attention to deadline dates for making adjustments.

The Office of Risk Management wishes all JMU employees a safe winter holiday break. December Safety Tips

Benefits Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment Deadline Quickly Approaching
As a reminder, open enrollment for health insurance, flexible benefits, and Aflac ends Friday, May 22. Please keep in mind the Human Resources office closes at noon on Fridays during the university’s modified summer schedule. During open enrollment you may enroll in or change your health plans, keep your current plan, consider optional buy-ups, add/remove eligible family members, or waive health insurance.

Don’t miss the chance to save on your monthly premium while getting on the road to better health with premium rewards! If you are enrolled in COVA Care or COVA HealthAware on July 1, you may receive a $17/month reduction in your premium if you or your enrolled spouse participates, or if you both participate a $34/month reduction in your premium. To get started, first complete a personal health assessment at Second, complete and submit biometric screening results by June 30 in order to receive premium reward(s) by July 1. If you are currently receiving the premium reward, in order to continue the discounted premium effective July 1, you must update your health assessment at by June 30.

Also, keep in mind with flexible spending accounts you must re-enroll each year. Think paperless and make open enrollment changes 24/7 with EmployeeDirect. You may check your current benefits profile, update personal information, and make your open enrollment changes. Successful open enrollment changes are approved, confirmed, and displayed immediately on an updated health benefits profile, which you should review for accuracy and keep a copy for your record.

David Cook, JMU's Aflac representative, will be on campus during open enrollment so you may add, change, or cancel coverage. David will be available on campus during open enrollment informational sessions, or you may email him at


May 8 Recognition Leave

If you worked your regularly scheduled shift on Friday, May 8, and did not use the 4.0 hours of Recognition Leave given by President Alger, please have your supervisor email Meghan Schaeffer, Leave Coordinator, at to have the 4.0 hours of Recognition Leave placed back into your leave balance. You will have 12 months to use these hours on another day, in coordination with your supervisor.


Classified Employee Performance Evaluations

Annual performance evaluations for non-probationary classified employees may be completed and submitted to Human Resources anytime beginning July 1 through September 30, 2015. Ratings are contingent on continued performance for the duration of the performance cycle which officially ends October 24. To ensure thorough and thoughtful evaluation of employee performance, this is an ideal time for:

  • employees and supervisors to receive and provide open and honest feedback on the past year’s performance;
  • employees to communicate their perspectives on performance through a self- evaluation;
  • employees to review/create their Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP); and
  • supervisors to make any necessary adjustments to the position description through PositionLink.

As outlined in the revised Salary Administration Plan and Policy 1305 - Performance Evaluation for Classified Employees now includes five performance rating levels: Below Contributor, Moderate Contributor, Contributor, High Contributor and Extraordinary Contributor. Refer to the Performance Evaluation Process on HR’s website for links to applicable forms, policies and process details.

Additionally, Human Resources will provide the following training opportunities:

Performance Management Information Sessions for Supervisors of Classified Employees TD1181

Wednesday, July 8, 9:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
Wednesday, August 5, 9:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
Tuesday, September 1, 2:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Individual Professional Development Plan Workshop TD1152

Thursday, July 30, 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.
Wednesday, September 9, 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Please contact an HR Consultant with questions you may have regarding performance management and JMU’s evaluation process.


Employee Mediation Services

Human Resources would like to remind you about JMU Employee Mediation Services available to all full-time and part-time (non-student) employees of the university. To effectively handle conflict, an appropriate course of action must be taken to produce the change that leads to a positive work experience. With certified mediators to help guide the process, HR Consulting Services can assist employees from all across campus with resolving workplace conflict.

Through mediation, participants are encouraged to engage in open and honest discussion, allowing them to address issues in a safe environment. Solutions are reached at the base level, instead of moving up the chain of command. Mediation sessions are free of charge and available for both individuals and groups. Common issues discussed during mediation include:

  • Conflict with a supervisor or co-worker
  • Issues surrounding a grievance
  • Communication difficulties

We encourage you to review the information on the Human Resources website and become familiar with Mediation Services available to JMU employees. As always, you may contact your HR Consultant with any questions you may have or call the HR Consulting Services Team at 540-568-7247.


Coming this summer! Human Resources announces an exciting new initiative, Employee Resource Groups

What is an Employee Resource Group? Employee Resource Groups, commonly known as ERGs, are organizationally supported employee groups drawn together by common interests, shared characteristics or life experiences. ERGs are generally comprised of employees from traditionally underrepresented groups and allies who identify in some way with them.  

In alignment with the university’s mission, vision, values and core qualities, each ERG will encourage an exchange of ideas, promote a greater sense of belonging and enhance career and personal development of employees in the workplace in support of recruitment and retention efforts. The goals of the ERGs are focused on recruitment, talent development and retention, engagement and outreach.  

The following three Employee Resource Groups will be offered to all JMU employees: 

Tapestry: Ethnically diverse employees and those that enjoy sharing and learning about diverse backgrounds and promoting cultural awareness. 

Veterans: Active duty, reserve, veteran, guard, military family members and supporters.  

WeCare: Working caregivers and those who support them in parenting, guardianship, grand parenting, or those assisting elders or individuals that are sick or living with a disability. 

If you are interested in participating or leading one of these groups or for more information, contact Renee Reed, Employment Outreach Specialist at or 540-568-7203.


Conflict of Interests June Filing 

Approximately 230 university employees are in positions designated to file Statements of Economic Interests on or before June 15 with the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s office. The next filing period will be in December. At that time, designated employees will be asked to complete the Conflict of Interests training per state code which mandates training every two years.

May is National Electrical Safety Month

JMU’s Office of Risk Management invites you to read more about Spring Electrical Safety at

Check out the new JMU Transportation site


A Snapshot of Upcoming Workshops Offered by JMU Training and Development

Dealing with Distressed, Disruptive and Dangerous Students
Understanding and Using the Grievance Procedure

For additional information or to arrange customized sessions for your department, please contact Suzanne Vance, Training Coordinator at, or 540-568-4101.


Discounts for State Employees
The University Policy Committee website is a resource to research policies that have a broad impact on the university's people and processes.
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