Annual Faculty-Staff Picnic

Mark your calendars for the annual JMU Faculty-Staff Picnic on Friday, August 15 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. The picnic will once again take place on the lawn area behind the Festival Center. You are welcome to bring your immediate family members and socialize with co-workers and friends as you listen to awesome music and enjoy the great food!  We will be announcing the band and menu shortly, so be sure to check the website at

HR Benefits Team Members Have New Roles

New areas of specialty have been assigned to HR’s benefits team members effective July 25:

Becky Sanford will continue to be the Workers' Compensation & VSDP Coordinator,, 540-568-2358. 

All team members are still available to assist with any benefits questions that may arise.

July 16 Pay Advice

Please check your July 16 pay advice in MyMadison for accuracy regarding any changes you may have made to your health insurance coverage and/or flexible spending accounts during the recent Open Enrollment period.

Saving for Your Retirement

Human Resources is pleased to announce an enhancement to the James Madison University Tax Deferred Savings Program.  Beginning August 1, employees who participate in the Tax Deferred Savings Program will have the opportunity to contribute to a Roth 403(b) account, another option for saving for your retirement.  

Roth 403(b) contributions and withdrawals are taxed differently than 403(b) pretax contributions you may currently make. The compensation that you defer to a Roth 403(b) account is contributed to the plan after state and federal income tax have been withheld. Then, at retirement, when you are eligible to take qualified distributions from your Roth 403(b) account, the contributions and earnings on those contributions are not subject to federal income tax.

Depending on your personal circumstances, this new investment feature may provide you additional tax benefits as you plan your financial future. Consult with your tax or financial advisor before making investment decisions.  Also, see the FAQs on HR’s website to help you decide whether a Roth 403(b) is the right savings feature for you.

Questions? Please contact a member of the Benefits Team,, 540-568-3593.

2014 Classified Performance Evaluations

The annual performance evaluations for classified employees may be completed and submitted to HR anytime beginning Tuesday, July 1 through Tuesday, September 30.  Ratings are contingent on continued performance for the duration the 2013-2014 performance cycle which officially ends October 24, 2014.

To ensure a complete and thoughtful evaluation of employee performance, supervisors should:

  1. Update the position description in PositionLink to reflect any changes to current job information, core responsibilities and measures.
  2. Provide employees with an opportunity for a self-evaluation.
  3. Ensure that employees update or create an Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP) to submit along with the evaluation form.
  4. Schedule an evaluation meeting to provide open and honest feedback on the past year’s performance.
  5. Acknowledgement of Extraordinary Contribution or Notice of Improvement Needed forms must be attached to the Annual Performance Evaluation and received in Human Resources no later than September 30 for the employee to receive either of these overall ratings.

To ensure on-time submittal, departments with a high volume of evaluations may require supervisors to complete the process earlier than September 30.

Supervisors and employees should refer to the Performance Evaluation Process on the Human Resources website for links to applicable forms, policies, and process details. Additionally, supervisors may register for performance management training offered by Human Resources through Training & Development.

Congratulations to Kellie Dovel on Her Recent Marriage!

Please note that Kellie’s contact information within the JMU information system has been updated to reflect her new name, Kellie Crawford. We are very excited for the newlyweds and wish them many happy years together!

New Summer and Fall Discounts for State Employees

Invitation for Administrative Assistants

Are you bewildered by all the changes taking place with account codes, memos of understanding, adjunct contracts, PAR forms and the ACA requirements for tracking hours of work?  Join us for an information session where we will explain what happened, why we are going through these changes, how to adapt and meet new requirements, who to involve in your hiring decisions, and when to use the paper PAR versus the ePAR.

Thursday, July 24, 2014, 1:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. Wine Price Pathways Training Center


Tuesday, July 29, 2014, 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m., Wine Price Pathways Training Center 

Please register in MyMadison. Course Number TD1916, Sessions 1401 or 1402

JULY SAFETY TIPS from the Office of Risk Management

Syllabus Planning Around High-Risk Drinking Periods

Picture a substance abuse prevention toolbox available to JMU students. One of the tools in that toolbox is syllabus planning around high-risk drinking periods.

The right column under the faculty tab on MyMadison encourages academic rigor in course planning around high-risk drinking periods in the academic year by complementing the list of high-risk dates with scheduled assignments and assessments.

Why is this important to you? Increasing awareness among faculty and staff about the substance abuse prevention tools and resources available for students can help in two ways:

  • Increase awareness in the community about JMU’s substance abuse prevention efforts for its students
  • Empower faculty and staff to be involved and serve as points of access for students in need of referral

Please bookmark to see more substance abuse prevention tools and resources available to students. Download and print a toolbox reference sheet to keep handy. And contact the University Health Center at or 540-568-3317 for more information.

A Snapshot of Upcoming HR-Related Workshops Offered by JMU Training and Development

Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP)
JMU JobLink
Performance Management Information Session for Supervisors of Classified Employees 
Workplace Substance Abuse Management

For additional information or to arrange customized sessions for your department, please contact Suzanne Vance, Training Coordinator at 540-568-4101 or

The University Policy Committee website is a resource to research policies that have a broad impact on the university's people and processes. The most recently implemented/updated policies may be reviewed at

Join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter @JMUJobs and HR’s LinkedIn group at

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