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Am I an employee who is required to disclose my financial interests by filing a Statement of Economic Interests with the Virginia Conflict of Interest and Ethics Advisory Council?

In accordance with the Govenor's Executive Order 8, university employees required to disclose include the president, vice presidents, provosts, deans, and any other persons as designated by the institution including those persons with approval authority over contracts or audits.

How are employees notified to about the requirement to disclose their financial interests?

The Ethics Council and JMU’s Conflict of Interests Agency Coordinator electronically notify employees who have been designated to file a Statement of Economic Interest. 

How many employees at JMU does this impact?

Currently, approximately 95 employees are required to file Statements of Economic Interests.

How often do employees need to file Statements of Economic Interests?

On or before the effective date of assuming employment and then annually on or before February 1.

Who is the Conflict of Interests Agency Coordinator for JMU?

Cathy Thomas,, 540/568-3967, is JMU’s Confict of Interests Agency Coordinator and is the Communication, Policy and Compliance person in Human Resources. Questions about the filing process may be directed to her.

What if I have specific questions about my disclosures?

The Council is tasked with providing training and guidance as well as formal advisory opinions to those required to comply with the above laws, facilitating the timely and accurate electronic filing of disclosure reports, and approving travel waivers for individuals requesting the receipt of travel payments by third party groups.

Virginia Conflict of Interest and Ethics Advisory Council Contact Information

Do employees complete paper forms or submit their information electronically?

Statement of Economic Interests forms are filed online via the Conflict of Interest Disclosure System, which is managed by the Ethics Council. State filers must submit their disclosures electronically. 

What sort of information is subject to disclosure?

Information pertaining to real estate, business interests, gifts, travel, liabilities, directorships and other matters. 

Where can I find information pertaining to Travel Waiver Requests?

Are there penalties for filing inaccurately or for not filing?

Any person who does not file or who knowingly files the Statement of Economic Interests form inaccurately may be charged with a Class 1 Misdemeanor. Failure to file by the deadline may result in a $250 civil penalty. Any person who knowingly files the form inaccurately may also be dismissed from employment.

Are disclosure statements available for review by the public?

Yes, for a period of no less than five years.

Is Conflict of Interest training offered?

Yes, completion of the Ethics Council’s online orientation course is mandatory within 60 days of employment and every two years of employment thereafter.

How will I be notified of the requirement to complete the orientation course?

Upon hire, you will contacted by JMU’s Conflict of Interests agency coordinator with instructions on how to access the online orientation course.  Additionally, Policy 1106-Conflict of Interests is one of the policies summarized in the Policy Summary Acknowledgement (PSA).


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