2nd Year Students
Kristi Aylor
World History & British History
Thesis Topic: Monarchy & Women
(especially in England)
B.A. Davis and Elkins College
Dave Black
David Michael Black
Reformation and early modern religious history
B.A. Kenyon College (History & Chemistry)
M.L.S. Catholic University of America
Brian David
Brian Christopher David
World History, Medieval/Early Modern Mediterranean, Republic of Venice
Thesis: Inventing Saladin: Myth and Memory of a Muslim Leader in the Western World
B.A. Wesley College
Pake Davis
US History
US Military History, Cold War, Vietnam War.
B.A. University of Virginia’s College at Wise
Tess Evans
Public History
Northern women writers and educators during the American Civil War
B.A. University of North Alabama
Kaitlin Theresa Hampshire
 Public History, WWII (Germany & US)
Thesis: Propoganda Posters & Redefining the Volksgemeinschaft of Nazi Germany
B.A. Rider University
Jacob Harris
Early American Military History
Thesis: Form over Function: The Fatal Arrogance of Southern Conventionalized Warfare
B.A. The College of Charleston
Mike MacInnis
World/Religious History, Early Modern Europe
Thesis: Military Chaplains during the Second World War
B.A. James Madison University
Saman R. Nasser
Iraq, Nationalism, pan-Arabism, Colonialism, Identify construction, Modern Middle East
Thesis: Nationalism in Iraq: The pan-Arab Concepts of Sami Shawkat in 1930's Iraq
B.A. James Madison University
Joel Webster
US, military, intellectual, political, archives
Thesis: Coolidge Against the World: Peace, Prosperity, and Foreign Policy in the 1920s
B.A. Virginia Tech
1st Year Students
Rachel Carey
Public History
American Cultural and Music History
B.A. Messiah College
Kelly Coats
 US, Early American, Political and Constitutional
B.A. Gordon State College
Trevor J. Cooper
US, Gilded Age and Progressive Era
B.A. University of Delaware
Daniel James Dawson
World History; Colonial Latin America; slavery and the African Diaspora; slave religion, culture and resistance
B.A. Virginia Commonwealth University 
Brandon S. Durbin
 Colonial America, Early Republic, U.S. Religion, First Great Awakening, Constitution
B.A. Washington & Jefferson College
Josh Goodall
Early America, US Social History
B.A. The University of Rio Grande
Jacqueline Guerrier
Public History, Modern Popular Culture & Fandom Studies
B.A. James Madison University (History & Studio Art) 
David A. Le Moal
 Public, Colonial and Modern History
B.A. Christopher Newport University
David Scott Merrifield
Public History, American Revolution
B.A. Christopher Newport University
Tristan Nelson
Material Culture; Public History; U.S. South
Thesis: Black Entrepreneurship in Appalachia, Antebellum-Reconstruction
B.A. Plymouth State University 
Nathan Lee Ray
 World History
18th century Pirates in the Caribbean and Colonial America
B.A. Texas Tech
Charlotte Anne Walters
Public History, Early Modern English Medical History
B.A. James Madison University

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