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24/7 helpline 540-568-6411

Campus Assault ResponsE (CARE) is a student-run organization that addresses the issue of sexual assault and prevention on campus. The CARE helpline is designed to assist students who have been directly or indirectly affected by sexual assault and who are in need of crisis intervention or information.

The number for the 24/7 helpline is 540-568-6411 when JMU is in session. The helpline operates on a voicemail-pager system, meaning that the caller can leave a message on the voicemail system, and then the voicemail system will page a CARE member that is on call. The CARE member will respond within 15 minutes of receiving the page to offer support and helpful information to the caller.

CARE volunteers also serve as an active support for survivors by guiding them through the process of pressing charges and accompanying them to court.

The organization has general members, as well as trained members that go through 30-40 hours of training. The general members can attend the weekly meetings and volunteer for programs and events that CARE is planning; however, trained members run the 24/7 helpline. It is not required for CARE members to be trained, and all students are welcome to attend meetings and get involved.

CARE meets at 7 pm on Thursday nights in Student Success Center 4043. Visit CARE at their organizational site or Be Involved.