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Health Insurance

2013-2014 Policy Year

UnitedHealthCare insurance policies expired July 31, 2014

Have questions about these topics?

  • Claims reimbursement
  • Contact information
  • Proof of Credible Coverage

More information available here.

American Exchange can assist JMU students and parents with the following options:

A) Enrollment through the Health Insurance Marketplace (i.e., the Public Exchange)

B) Purchasing short-term medical coverage on an individual basis

  • Prior to calling American Exchange, complete the pre-enrollment checklist
  • Call 888-995-1674 and remain on the line for the next available enrollment specialist
  • Identify yourself as a JMU student (or parent/guardian of a JMU student) needing assistance with determining best options for insurance coverage

C) Enroll or continue coverage under your parent's health insurance plan until age 26

D) Contact an insurance agency of your choice (in your hometown, or in the Harrisonburg area)

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