ISSS has a software system called Terra Dotta (TD) to manage immigration related processes/applications.  The first process to be used by TD for international students is the SEVIS registration.  Below are the instructions to complete the SEVIS registration in Terra Dotta.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact ISSS.

Instructions for SEVIS Registration online (PDF verison with pictures)


Take pictures on your cellphone or scan the following documents:

  • your passport biographical page

  • your visa sticker

  • the most recent entry stamp

Save these documents on your computer and label the files so you can find them easily.


To begin the process click on SEVIS Registration in Terra Dotta

Click on "SEVIS Registration" in the left-hand column, then click “Apply Now” 

Select “I have a JMU username and password” and then click “Submit” 

Type in your JMU username (eID) and JMU password

Select the current semester under Available Terms, then click “Apply


This is the SEVIS Registration application page.  There are 3 main sections that you need to complete:

  1. Application Questionnaire(s)

  2. Attached Documents

  3. Signature Documents

Under Application Questionnaire(s) on, click on “SEVIS Registration – Student

  1. Enter the date when you most recently entered the US. (If you don’t remember, check your passport for the most recent entry stamp.)

  2. Select “Yes” or “No” to the question ‘Is this your last semester at JMU?’  Then click “Submit.”

Under Attached Documents, click on “Browse

  1. Attach the pictures/scans of your documents (passport bio page, visa sticker, AND entry stamp) that you took with your cellphone or scanned.  You will see it listed on the screen next to the “Browse” button.

  2. Then select what type of document it is from the drop down menu below: I-20, Passport biographical page, Visa, or Entry Stamp. Then click “Upload.”  If your most recent entry stamp is on the same page as your visa sticker, select “Visa and Entry Stamp.”

  3. Repeat the steps above until you have your passport bio page, your visa sticker, AND your most recent entry stamp uploaded to your SEVIS Registration Application.

Under Signature Documents, click on “SEVIS Registration – Information Verification” and a new window will appear.

  1. Read carefully and return to your profile to check your address and phone number. If it is incorrect, log in to MyMadison and update the incorrect information.

  2. Once you have verified that all of your information is correct, click “Click here to sign digitally

  3. Another window will appear and click “Accept” to digitally sign.

You are done!  Your information will be reviewed by ISSS and updated in SEVIS.  We will contact you if we have any questions or concerns. 

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