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LIFE Student Application
LIFE Community Application
Program Overview

Leaders in International Friendship Exchange (LIFE) is a program that seeks to provide friends to the JMU international students and scholars by connecting them with local community members who have lived or traveled abroad themselves. This is a wonderful opportunity for everyone involved to share their culture and explore the Shenandoah Valley and James Madison University.

Program Information
  • Community members are NOT expected to provide housing for international students and scholars, or assistance with financial, academic, medical… difficulties.
  • Religious institutions are an important aspect of American culture. International students and scholars should be able to learn about them, if they wish. If you invite them to a religious event or holiday, clearly state the nature of the event and allow the student/scholar the right to choose if they want to participate or not. Proselytizing is not permitted.
  • We do conduct background checks on all community members who apply. The application process includes requesting information on all adults in your household. This information is necessary to complete the background check. All background checks are kept strictly confidential.
  • Complete the appropriate application form
  • Based on the application and the information (obtained in the form) at least one student/scholar will be matched with a member of the community, within the first few weeks of the semester.
  • Every effort is made to accommodate personal preferences; however, preferences are not guaranteed.
  • Information about the pairing is sent via email.
  • Newly matched individuals are expected to attend the first social event scheduled at the beginning of each semester so everyone who is matched can meet their new friend(s).
  • While we will organize at least one event per semester, we strongly urge you to connect at least once per month. Invite your match to some of the events that you are involved with or interested in attending.
  • While matching typically lasts for a period of up to one year, we encourage you to continue the relationship longer.
Contact Information

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our office: (540) 568-6119.

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