JMU hosts international research scholars and professors who enter the U.S. on J-1, exchange visitor visas.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Have an agreement with JMU which details your duties and responsibilities and those of JMU;
  • Have the monetary funds available to you for the duration of your stay. You may be able to satisfy this requirement with JMU salary, your home institution's sponsorship, family funds or other sponsor;
  • Have the intention of returning to your home country after the completion of your program. The J-1 visa is a temporary visa, and when you visit the U.S. Consulate or Embassy to apply you will be asked about your intentions to return to your home country. Be aware that many J-1 visa holders are subject to the Two-Year Home-Country Physical Presence Requirement;
  • Be able to demonstrate a level of English language proficiency that will be sufficient for your program

Maintaining Legal Status

  • Conduct research and/or teach only at JMU, unless you have received advance approval from your department and from International Student and Scholar Services for research or lectures at a different institution;
  • Maintain a valid passport;
  • Maintain health insurance coverage for the duration of your stay for both you and your family members (if applicable);
  • Apply for extension of stay before the expiration of your present DS-2019 if your offer of employment or research has been extended;
  • Report a change of address to International Student and Scholar Services within 10 days of any move

Housing in Harrisonburg

If your sponsoring department has informed you that you are responsible for obtaining your own housing, it is very important that you begin searching for a place to live immediately, as it can be difficult to find housing for lease in Harrisonburg, particulary if you plan to stay for less than one year. International Student and Scholar Services has created a housing directory especially for exchange visitors. In the directory, you will find information about housing options, the leasing process in the U.S., and commonly used terms. 

Obtaining a J-1 Visa

Information about the application process, travel, employment, and more can be in the J-1 Scholar Information brochure: 

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