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Even though you are not studying on the JMU campus, you are a JMU student and all policies and procedures remain in effect, i.e., policies regarding the Honor Code, use of alcohol or drugs, and sexual harassment. Term Special Students (those from another school) are considered JMU students for the semester they study abroad.


James Madison University prohibits the illegal or otherwise irresponsible use of alcohol by students. It is the responsibility of every student to know the risks associated with alcohol use and abuse. This responsibility obligates students to know relevant University policies and federal, state, and local laws and to conduct themselves in accordance with these policies and laws. JMU students traveling abroad may be studying in countries where the legal age for alcohol consumption is different than in the United States. Thus, while overseas, it is the responsibility of the student to know the relevant country and local laws concerning the possession, use, and abuse of alcohol. If students who are of legal age choose to consume alcohol while abroad, they are expected to drink and behave responsibly. The illegal or excessive consumption of alcohol or misconduct due to alcohol consumption will not be tolerated and will result in disciplinary action, including dismissal from the program.

Illegal drug use in any form is not tolerated. JMU students traveling abroad may be studying in countries where drugs that may be legally possessed and used in the United States are prohibited by law. Thus, while overseas, it is the responsibility of the student to know the relevant country and local laws concerning the possession and use of drugs. Most foreign criminal systems are considerably less accommodating than those within the United States; student possession or use of illegal drugs may be punishable by fine, imprisonment, and/or deportation. Study abroad participants found using or possessing illegal drugs in any form are subject to immediate dismissal from the program and/or follow-up through the JMU judicial system.

Course Registration -


For JMU Students

  • Students will receive a list of tentative course offerings at the first program orientation meeting. Short-term programs have courses offered by specific program. All students must register via JMU's MyMadison using a login ID and password during their scheduled appointment time. You should meet with your academic adviser prior to registering for semester abroad courses.

For Term Special Students

Term special students (students from other universities participating in JMU‘s study abroad programs) will not be able to register via JMU’s Web site. The CGE will facilitate your registration. You will need to email your course requests to Taryn Roberts at after you have received the list of tentative course offerings.

Course Adjustments for Study Abroad

  • For all fall and spring participants, except those participating in the Antwerp program, there will be a course adjustment period of approximately one week after classes begin to allow time for schedule changes. The FMIR or resident director will facilitate the add/drop process in order to avoid a “W” appearing on a student’s transcript.


For JMU Students

  • You will be notified of the exact procedures through your FMIR or Resident Director.
    Before you leave campus to study abroad, consult your academic adviser for the courses you plan to take after your semester abroad. It is your responsibility to keep up on current eligibility requirements for your major and any prerequisites for courses you may want or need to take. You should make arrangements in advance for special permissions for admission into restricted courses. You will need to arrange for overrides through the department or college of your major; restrictions apply for certain majors. Studying abroad does not qualify a person for special registration consideration.
    Keep in mind that you cannot register if you have a “negative service indicator” or “hold” such as an unresolved judicial or financial issue or a parking or library fine, against your account.

For Term Special Students

  • Before departure you should check with your academic adviser concerning your school’s procedure for registration for the semester after you return to your home campus.


Since grades are sometimes being reported by foreign faculty, there could be a delay and you could receive an “incomplete”. If you are a regular JMU student, wait a couple of weeks and check your transcript via MyMadison. If you are a Term Special Student and receive an “incomplete”, wait a couple of weeks and request an unofficial transcript from the Office of the Registrar. Once the incomplete has been removed, request an official transcript be sent to your school. All transcript requests are made electronically and requires your signature.

Fees and Billing -


For the semester abroad for fall or spring, you will be considered a resident student. Semester fees include tuition (VA or non-VA), room and board and the study abroad supplement fee. Check this link to see how those fees are calculated:

Short-term program fees include room and board (meal provisions vary per program) as well as transportation, admissions, and other program-related expenses.


Billing and payment have the same dates as the term on campus. Holds will be assessed on delinquent accounts.

  • Bills are due and payable in full by the oncampus date or prior to departure, whichever comes first.
  • Financial Aid information

Financial Checklist

  • I have paid all previous semesters in full and have no outstanding balances.
  • I have cleared all service indicators (holds): Parking, Telecom, etc...
  • I have completed in full all paperwork for financial aid for the current semester. I have completed the FAFSA for the next academic year (
  • I have given Power of Attorney to a relative to act on my behalf while I am out of the country.
  • I have signed up for the Duke Dog Direct Deposit Program through MyMadison.

If you have any questions about your bill, contact:

University Business Office
Student Success Center 


Before you leave to study abroad, check with the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships concerning financial aid and/or scholarship disbursements to make sure all the required paperwork has been received and processed. Unpaid balances can result in late fees and/or a "hold" being placed against your account and in the event that your course registration is cancelled, dismissal from the program.

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