As geographic science is about the world in which we live, there is no better way of studying it than by seeing the world and the people in it up-close.  Studying abroad will widen students’ cultural horizons, expand comprehension and appreciation of the effects of human and physical geography, and give students the opportunity to improve their communication and/or language skills.

See the list of recommended study abroad programs below.  Please be aware that for any external or exchange study abroad programs listed, students will need to check with their academic department to see if courses taken while abroad will transfer and fulfill needed requirements.

JMU Programs

JMU offers a few programs that Geographic Science majors have found beneficial in previous years.

Semester in Scotland - Summer

East Africa Field School - Summer

Environmental Advocacy & the Psychology of Change - Summer

Environmental Exploration in Guatemala - Summer

Sustainable Design and Planning in Australia - Summer

Other Related JMU Programs

Geology Field Course in Ireland - Summer

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