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  • Psychological Examination of the Holocaust: Israel

    Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Jaffa, Nahariya, Sea of Galilee, and surrounding areas, Israel
    This course focuses on trying to explain human behavior during the Holocaust. In this course, we will explore how different psychological theories attempt to explain the human cruelty experienced in the Holocaust. Specifically, we will critically examine the behavior of the perpetrators, victims, and bystanders. Although we will focus on the Holocaust, we will examine other genocides and... Read More
  • Palestine/Israel: Surmounting Adversity

    Ramallah, Jerusalem, and Bethlehem, Palestine/Israel
    This objective of the course is to examine the current state of the Israeli Palestinian conflict with a particular focus on how groups and communities work to overcome the pervasive adversity that characterizes daily life in this context. This course will begin with an overview of where things are at related to the peace process and current diplomatic initiatives on the part of the Palestinian... Read More

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