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  • Modern Dreams, Modern Nightmares: Vienna and Berlin in the Twentieth Century

    Berlin, Germany and Vienna, Austria
    This course examines the tumultuous history of the twentieth century through a central European lens, studying Vienna and Berlin as laboratories of the modern cultural and political movements that shook Europe between 1900 and the collapse of communism. In particular, it explores how Germans and Austrians attempted to transform their societies by breaking from the recent past to articulate a... Read More
  • Cross-Cultural Psychology in Vienna, Austria

    Vienna, Austria
    What is the meaning of life? Is it discoverable? Is the goal to gain power? Is it simply in finding pleasure? Is it through discerning your personal purpose? Throughout time different theories have been proposed to answer this question. What if, in a matter of two weeks, you could ponder these ideas and come to your own conclusion? Would that search have the possibility to change your life? In... Read More
  • Identity and Conflict in Austria, Croatia and Bosnia

    Vienna, Graz, Split, Sarajevo, Austria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Identity and Conflict in Austria, Croatia and Bosnia explores the ways in which a person’s sense of belonging to a group or connection to a place impacts the ways that they act politically. To do this, we will examine the roots of ethnicity, nationality and citizenship as well as the variety in the way that people experience belonging to a group and act upon that feeling of belonging.... Read More
  • The London of Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth I

    London, England
    This short-term study abroad course will explore the writings of William Shakespeare (1564-1616) and Queen Elizabeth Tudor (1533-1603), two of the most prominent individuals of the English Renaissance, against the cultural and historical backdrop of London. During the eighteenth century, Samuel Johnson said that the person who is tired of London is tired of life; the same could be said of the... Read More
  • Organizational Communication Culture in the UK

    London, England
    Organizational Communication Culture in the UK is a 3-week study abroad program that offers students an opportunity to observe and learn about organizational theory and culture in the context of the most populous city in the UK and Europe, London. Coursework will include a collection of readings focusing on workplace culture, on-site lectures by the program director as well as lectures and... Read More
  • Language and Cultural Immersion in the French Riviera

    Nice, France
    This six-credit, six-week academic program is open to all undergraduate students (from JMU or other universities) who wish to experience France in a full immersion context, taking daily beginner, intermediate or advanced level French classes as well as cultural and artistic classes. Based in the beautiful city of Nice, hub of the French Riviera, the program offers intensive courses and on... Read More
  • Painting in Southern France

    Auvillar and Collioure, France
    This program consists of painting and intensive drawing on the landscape and in the teaching studio Monday through Friday for a total of 6 credits. We engage the local community in art, poetry, and performance under the direction of Agnes Carbrey and expert guest lecturers. On weekends we visit the treasures of the region such as local vineyards, artist's studios, the medieval villages of... Read More
  • HM 498 - Study of French Food and Wine

    Lyon, Nice, and Paris, France
    Treat your palate to the vibrant tradition of French food, from rustic fare to haute cuisine. Sample regional dishes in the French Riviera and Provence, and attend a chef’s demonstration in Lyon for some authentic inspiration for your own creations. Get a taste of Paris with visits to its most iconic structures before expanding your palette at a colorful city market followed by a cooking... Read More
  • Food and Culture of France

    Paris, Beaune, France
    This program will examine the food and culture of historical and modern day France. Led by a historian and a chef/food instructor we will discuss, examine, and taste our way through Paris and Beaune with trips to the Champagne region of France and examination of the wine production of France. Along the way we will also visit many of the famous sites of Paris and beyond, such as Notre Dame, the... Read More
  • Legal Aspects of International Business

    Geneva, Switzerland, Brussels, Belgium, The Hague, The Netherlands, Paris, France
    This will be a four week program with students attending class at JMU during the first week, traveling and studying in Washington, DC, Brussels, The Hague, Paris and Geneva the following two weeks, and concluding the class in the last week on-line. In Washington, DC, students will visit and receive briefings at the U.S. Supreme Court, and the International Monetary Fund/World Bank. The class... Read More
  • JMU Internship in Germany

    Berlin, Germany
    Want on-the-job international preparation for our globalized world? This is the program for you. Students will have the opportunity to intern in a variety of fields, including, but not limited to business, engineering, finance, tourism, IT, media/communications, international relations, the nonprofit sector, German studies, and economics. The internships take place in Berlin, Germany's capital... Read More
  • The Exploration of Migration and Culture in Germany

    Frankfurt (Oder), Berlin, Germany
    This program will focus on the challenges for society when it comes to migration in Germany and Poland – taking an in-depth exploration of the history, culture, and support of refugees in the surrounding areas.  Students will travel to Frankfurt (Oder) and take part in a program in conjunction with the European University Viadrina. Students will engage in guest lectures, site visits... Read More
  • CIS in Europe

    Slubice, Poland, Berlin, Frankfurt, Germany
    This program provides an extraordinary combination of studying two College of Business Computer Information systems (CIS) courses in Europe while experiencing European business, culture, and history. The two CIS classes are Database Design and Applications and International Consulting. However, learning will go beyond a traditional JMU classroom, since you may have guest lectures on the local... Read More
  • Environmental and Energy Sustainability in Germany

    Saarbrücken, Germany
    Participants in this study-abroad experience in Saarbrücken, Germany, will complete two 3-credit courses, chosen from ISAT 416, ISAT 426, ISAT 428 and ISAT 480. ISAT 416 (Alternative Energy Practicum) is a mini-internship conducted in the energy labs of the host university. ISAT 426 (Environmental Information Systems) is a project-based course conducted in tandem with a German course of... Read More
  • Cross-Cultural Mindfulness for School-Based or Child and Adolescent Wellness Providers

    Frankfurt, Duisburg, Amsterdam, Paris, Germany, The Netherlands, France
    This course is designed for upper-undergraduate as well as graduate students who intend to work with children and adolescents in school-based, health-care, therapeutic, or related fields. This course will start with a one-week on-campus classroom experience (the week after graduation in May) where you will learn about mindfulness and the important principles of neuroscience, personal practice,... Read More
  • JMU in Ancient Greece

    Samos, Paros, Delos, Santorini, Athens, Crete, Greece, Turkey
    May 20-24 on-campus at JMU June 1-27 overseas We invite you to join us in an exploration of the world of the Ancient Greeks. Our program will consist of two main parts: half will be devoted to providing a broad overview of Ancient Greek philosophy and history, and half will focus on Ancient Greek mathematics. No background in any of these fields is necessary. All that’s required is your... Read More
  • JMU Internship in Ireland

    Dublin, Ireland
    Want on-the-job international preparation for our globalized world? This is the program for you. Students will have the opportunity to intern in a variety of fields, including, but not limited to, marketing, agriculture, business, tourism, IT, media/communications, the nonprofit sector, journalism, design, and economics. The internships take place in Dublin, Ireland's capital and its... Read More
  • Summer in Reggio Calabria

    Reggio Calabria, Italy
    The JMU’s Summer Program in Reggio Calabria is a four-week program in which students who have completed Elementary Italian I can earn 6 credits by attending classes in language and culture. The prerequisites established by the JMU Dept. of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures will be followed for each course. Students attend classes every day, M-F, at the University for Foreigners... Read More
  • Cross-Cultural Psychology in Perugia, Italy

    Perugia, Florence, Italy
    Have you always wanted to visit Italy? You are not alone! Why is it that so many people throughout the world want to visit and live in this beautiful country? Maybe you need to go there to understand! Then, when you return, perhaps you can implement into your daily life ideas such as, daily siestas, healthy eating (which includes pasta and gelato), and the Italian way of living each day... Read More
  • Michelangelo's Italy

    Florence, Rome, Italy
    “Michelangelo’s Italy” provides first-hand knowledge of the art and architecture of Italy through on-site visits to the archeological sites, monuments, and museums of Florence and Rome.   We begin our study by tracing Michelangelo’s origins in Florence, a city still devoted to its most famous son. Often referred to as the cradle of the Italian Renaissance, Florence... Read More
  • Summer in Urbino Italy: Documenting a Community

    Urbino, Italy
    The Urbino, Italy program engages students in a 4-week program where students choose a three credit experience from among multimedia storytelling (writing, photography, & video), magazine storytelling (longer-form writing & photography), and promotional video (video only - primarily for DVC concentrators). Students are together for many classes, but participate with separate faculty for the... Read More
  • Arts and Culture in Venice

    Venice, Italy
    Venice, often listed as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, was at the forefront of commerce from the middle ages through the eighteenth century. Due to this, the arts and humanities flourished, nurtured by being at the crossroads of Europe and the Byzantine region. We will be investigating not only the cultural artifacts but will compare and contrast the arts and humanities in... Read More
  • Environmental Advocacy & the Psychology of Change

    Gzira/Sliema, Gozo, Malta
    The tiny country of Malta, situated in the Mediterranean Sea, is roughly the size of our own Rockingham County. Natural resources, open spaces, environmental stewardship, and conservation are necessary to preserve a balance and the need to be mindful is paramount.During this Study Abroad, we will be fully engaged in experiential learning as we explore the environmental issues and meet the... Read More
  • Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Europe

    Porto, Lisbon-Cascais, Portugal
    Are you ready to take an idea from concept to tech-based start-up in FOUR weeks in the spectacular setting of coastal Portugal and Lisbon? In this one-of-a-kind summer abroad, you will combine team-based experiences in creativity, ideation, innovation, and multidisciplinary/multicultural teaming with opportunities to meet and learn from world experts in design, engineering, business and venture... Read More
  • Travel, Tourism, and Aviation in Romania

    Bucharest, Tuzla, Romania
    Want international experience and training in tourism and hospitality management? JMU students have a new opportunity to participate in an international summer school (while earning JMU credit) at one of JMU's partner institutions abroad - Romanian-American University (RAU). Students will receive hands on training and instruction in several relevant modules in the field including International... Read More
  • Exploring Arts, Healing, and Health in Russia

    Moscow, Sorochany, St. Petersburg , Russia
    Join us to learn, create and connect in Russia! Our innovative study abroad program provides opportunities for students from a variety of fields to explore ways to successfully incorporate the arts into health-related practices and settings. With guidance from the staff of our partner organization, Maria’s Children, we will learn a strengths-based, creative arts approach for working with... Read More
  • Russian in Moscow

    Moscow, Russia
    If you want to come to Russia to learn the Russian language, Moscow is the ideal place: Moscow is the center of Russian business, economic and cultural life. You will have the opportunity to communicate with native speakers and choose between a wide variety of cultural activities and places of interest, such as theaters, galleries, museums, shopping centers, etc. Moscow is the heart of the... Read More
  • Honors: Study Abroad in Barcelona, Spain

    Barcelona, Spain
    Though an important part of Spain, Barcelona is proud of its independent Catalan identity and language. The city has long been an intellectual and artistic hub and, by the twentieth century, the city saw an efflorescence of modern art, political consciousness, and revolutionary politics. Both the unique aspects of Barcelona and its ties to the rest of the country will be... Read More
  • Visual Communication and Cultural Diversity in Spain

    Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Salamanca, Segovia, Valencia , Spain
    Explore cultural diversity and visual literacy concepts in enchanting Spain over the course of the month-long summer program. In the Visual Communication and Cultural Diversity Summer Program you will explore visual-based instruction and develop competencies for effective human resource development practice in multicultural, global settings. Content for these courses draws from several... Read More
  • JMU Internship in Spain

    Valencia, Spain
    Want on-the-job international preparation for our globalized world? This is the program for you. Students have the opportunity to intern in a wide range of industries including Business, Education, Communication, Legal, Engineering, Health/Medical and Non-Profit. The internships take place in the beautiful coastal Mediterranean city of Valencia, Spain. JMU partner, Euroace, provides the... Read More
  • A Cross-Cultural Exploration of Denmark and Sweden (Spring Break)

    Copenhagen, Denmark, Stockholm and Malmo, Sweden
    This one-week study abroad will take place in Denmark and Sweden. The entry point will be through Copenhagen, Denmark, where we will spend a couple of days sightseeing and visiting such sights as Christiansborg Palace, which contains the Danish Parliament Folketinget, the Supreme Court, and the Ministry of State; the statue of the Little Mermaid; Nyhavn, a port where the famous Danish fairytale... Read More
  • Scandinavian Design and Participatory Practice

    Harrisonburg, VA; Copenhagen, Denmark, Stockholm, Sweden
    This 4 week study abroad program is located in Stockholm, Sweden, and includes a short (weekend) trip to Copenhagen, Denmark. The program explores Scandinavian Design, which is known for its simplicity, attention to detail, and functionality and can be applied to urban design and urban planning, architectural design, industrial design, and graphic design. Through educational experiences such as... Read More
  • Dutch Art, Design & Culture

    Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    This three-week study abroad program focuses on exploring Dutch design as a normal part of everyday life. From street art & posters to wayfinding systems, transportation, and signage, The Netherlands embraces design as necessary functionalism.The course will study design application history by exploring world-renowned museums and institutions, discovering street graphics in Amsterdam (with... Read More
  • Malmö University

    Malmö, Sweden
    Malmö University was founded in 1998 and is today Sweden’s eighth largest university of undergraduate studies, with over 21,000 students. Located in the centre of Malmö at Universitetsholmen, the university has played a central role in the transformation of Malmö from industrial town to centre of learning. Malmö University strives to be a university open to all; a... Read More
  • University of Versailles

    Versailles, France
    Like all French universities, UVSQ is a national, public service establishment of higher education : it is one of the state-owned establishments of scientific, cultural and professional nature.  The President, her office, the Vice-Presidents, the Secretary General and the Accounts Officer make up the management team.  UVSQ is managed and administered by a young, dynamic team, which... Read More
  • University of Florence (UNIFI) - School of Political Science

    Florence, Italy
    Students who wish to study with RISE - International Relations and European Studies, will take classes at the University of Florence and join a program that is designed to provide a legal, economic, historial and political science background for advanced studies in international and European affairs. Overall the program creates a multicultural environmnet that will attract students from... Read More
  • Universidad de Salamanca

    Salamanca, Spain
    The University of Salamanca was established in 1218 and, through its outstanding academic and cultural programs and its superior facilities, still maintains its  reputation for being the best university in Spain, as well as one of the finest in Europe, ranking among the Sorbonne, Oxford and the University of Bologna. The student population is approximately 28,000. Read More
  • Dual Master's Degree in Spanish Language and Culture

    Salamanca, Spain | Harrisonburg, VA | Online
    Dual Master’s Degree in Spanish Language and Culture         for Educators and Teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language   Dual Master’s Degree in Education at James Madison University (JMU), United States and University of Salamanca (USAL), Spain. The program leads to a Master in Education (M.Ed.) with a concentration in Spanish Language... Read More
  • European Union Policy Studies Concentration

    Florence, Italy
    JMU Master of Arts in Political Science - European Union Policy Studies Concentration WELCOME! The Master of Arts in Political Science with a concentration in European Union Policy Studies is a unique and exciting one-year, 33-credit graduate program.  The intensive, residential program is based wholly in Florence, Italy and results in an MA degree in Political Science from James... Read More
  • Frankfurt (Oder), Germany
    Only a few years have passed since its establishment, and European University Viadrina has already achieved a remarkable reputation. This can be seen as well in the constantly increasing numbers of students and the expanding interest on the part of scholars with well-known names to teach and to do research at this university. Students and instructors find here not only a good technical... Read More

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