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  • JMU in Argentina

    Buenos Aires, Puerto Iguazu, Argentina
    This 9-credit academic program is open to students of all majors. It is also open to non-JMU students. Program participants will hone their knowledge of Spanish in a two-week intensive language instruction course while they solidify those skills in everyday life throughout the program. Students will take either SPAN 300, SPAN 320, or SPAN 400 during these first two weeks. During the last 4... Read More
  • JMU Global Supply Chain in Panama and Colombia

    Harrisonburg, VA, Panama City, Panama, Cartagena , Colombia
    JMU in Panama and Colombia is a 3-phase program that offers 6-credit hours in Supply Chain Management (MGT 461) and International Logistics (MKTG 462). The program is open to all college of business majors who have completed COB 300 and all students that are accepted to the Global Supply Chain Management minor. Read More
  • Place-based Education and Critical Inquiry in Costa Rica

    Orotina, San Jose, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
    Students will further develop understandings of place-based education and cross-cultural interactions at the community, school, and family levels. Learning experiences on this trip include engaging with teachers and children in a public school, living with host families, and participating in various excursions. Outside of school, students will live with host families, providing rich, mutually... Read More
  • Nursing and Health Care in Costa Rica: An Interprofessional Perspective

    San Jose, Costa Rica
    In this nursing and healthcare professions course, students from various majors will explore the health needs and the health and human services delivery system in Costa Rica, as well as the history, culture, and beauty of this Central American Country. Students will examine issues that impact health in the U.S.A. and Costa Rica and the roles of health care professionals in the delivery of... Read More
  • Global Nutrition - A Costa Rican Experience

    San Jose, San Vito de Coto Brus, Liberia, Costa Rica
    The “Global Nutrition: A Costa Rican Experience” study abroad program examines global nutrition from a systems perspective including economic, socio-political, environmental, and agricultural factors. This study abroad option fulfills the credits for NUTR-380 (3 credits), which is also offered on-campus in the Fall and Spring semesters, and has previously been offered online... Read More
  • Environmental Exploration in Guatemala

    Guatemala City, Antigua, Santiago, Guatemala
    Guatemala is a country rich with environmental beauty, indigenous cultures, and a complex history. We'll follow coffee production from farm to processing, work on a house using indigenous and natural building techniques, and explore sustainability issues in several settings. We will explore a variety of environmental, social, and economic challenges faced by communities around the country,... Read More
  • Tropical Ecology and Forest Restoration in Panama (Spring Break)

    Panama City, Playa Venao , Panama, Colombia
    This course will give students knowledge of tropical ecology and the issues surrounding reforestation in a developing country, through peer-reviewed article discussions during class time (Spring 2019) and a mandatory field trip to Panama over spring break. Lecture topics covered will include tropical forest dynamics, reforestation, climate change impacts, ecosystem services, and human land use.... Read More
  • Universidad Nacional del Litoral (UNL)

    Santa Fe, Argentina
    Universidad Nacional del Litoral (UNL) was founded in 1919 as a response to the national reform movement that took over Argentina’s universities the previous year and, as such, still holds similar values as part of its academic tradition. These values have help the university cement itself as one of the most important institutions in the country and gain popularity with both the... Read More

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