JMU Summer, Fall, and Spring Semester Programs

Application and Admission Procedures


To be considered for admission into JMU's international programs, you must be in good academic standing, hold a cumulative GPA of at least 2.00, or the minimum GPA as determined for the program, at the time of application. Applying early and meeting this minimum GPA does not guarantee admission; additional eligibility criteria apply for most programs. Applications from freshman in their first semester at JMU will be reviewed after semester grades are posted.

Admission to all programs is based, minimally, on a review by the JMU program director and a verification of your records via PeopleSoft (MyMadison), the university's information system, including your status according to Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Judicial Affairs, and University Business Office, will be considered. Your participation may be denied if your university records or conduct prior to departure raises doubts about your ability to participate in an international experience effectively.

Application Deadlines

Applications are collected throughout the academic year beginning in September for the upcoming open terms. For Summer 2017, Fall 2017 and Spring 2018, your application will be processed after the following deadline:

November 1, 2016

AFTER DEADLINE: Applications received after November 1 will be accepted on a rolling, space-available basis until the program is full, whichever comes first.

Application Materials

All study abroad applications must be submitted online.  Students will search the JMU website to find their program(s) of interest and click the APPLY NOW button at the bottom of the program page.  This will direct students to the online application for that particular program.

Financial Aid

JMU offers financial aid for students on JMU programs subject to the standard restrictions. For more information, please contact JMU's Financial Aid Office.


The decision on your admission into a program comes in two stages:

1. Admission is based on your general suitability for study abroad and will be considered based on a combination of factors:

  • your most recent cumulative GPA
  • academic background in your proposed field of study
  • professor's recommendation
  • essay and other application materials
  • adequate language preparation (if applicable to your program)
  • class level or seniority

2. You will be notified of your acceptance status via the CGE's online applcation software - Terra Dotta. Please note that although you may receive informal communication from your program director regarding the status of your acceptance, your admission to the program is not official until you receive official nitification from the CGE. Acceptance is contingent on maintaining the minimum GPA required for the program and on review of your record with Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and University Business Office.

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