Topic: This house believes that natural gas should not be a cornerstone of U.S. energy policy.

Final Table:

Emory University (Third Place)
Liberty University
Southern Methodist University
University of Cape Town (Second Place)
University of Florida (First Place)
University of Houston

Final Table Jury:

Ted Byrd, Mayor Harrisonburg, VA
Brad Hall, Director of Policy and Research for former Vice President Al Gore
John Humphreys, CEO of Fairhaven Residential Services
Jen Schneider, Associate Professor at the Colorado School of Mines

Final Table Video: The final table is divided up into different video segments from the debate. Be sure to click the menu button to navigate to the next speech.

Discussion Forum Video: A panel of distinguished guests offered differing points of view on the controversial process of hydraulic fracturing, “fracking,” national energy policy and the development of natural gas resources, and prospects for improving public communication and decision-making about energy policy. Moderated by Dr. Melissa Alemand, Professor School of Communication Studies at James Madison University. Distinguished guests:
• Dr. Jen Schneider, Assistant Professor, Colorado School of Mines
• Brad Hall, Director of Policy and Research at Office of Al Gore
• Joshua Zive, Senior Counsel at Bracewell & Giuliani LLP

Round 2 Video: Affirmative: Binghamton, James Madison 2, Houston vs Negative: Morehouse 2, American, Mary Washington 1. Moderator: Lee. Jury: Hazard, Schneider, Fersner.

Round 3 Video: Affirmative:Pittsburgh, George Washington 1, William & Mary 1 vs Negative: Houston, Emory, Morehouse 1. Moderator: Kelly. Jury: Klotz, Schubert, Barnes.

Madison Cup Entry List:

American University (David Stuaffer and Kurt Girard)
Binghamton University (Anna Pinchuk and Daniel Friedman)
Brandeis University (Richard Weisbach and Michael Norton)
Clarion University (Dylan Kristufek and Ryan Delaney)
College of William and Mary 1 (Aaron Murphy and Thom Mattessich)
College of William and Mary 2 (Alex Vargo and David Patton)
Cornell University 1 (Michelle Huang and Dan Powers)
Cornell University 2
Emory University (Rajesh Jagadeesh and Ross Gordon)
Florida International University (Mark E. Lopez-Trigo and Albert Paradela)
Franklin and Marshall College (Matthew Rohn and Phillip Zabriskie)
Fresno State University (Tom Boroujeni and Pritpal Randhawa)
George Washington University 1 (Tyler Salathe and Joseph Nelson)
George Washington University 2
James Madison University 1(Cindy McGrath and Samantha Perez)
James Madison University 2 (Alina Gasperino and Leanna Smithberger)
Liberty University 1 (Aaron Segriest and Wesley Walker)
Liberty University 2 (Caleb Bridwell and Kaitlyn Schiess)
Morehouse College 1 (Derrick Reed and Rodje Malcolm)
Morehouse College 2 (Kevin Porter and Curtis O’Neal)
Rutgers University 1 (Sean Leonard and Alex Jubb)
Southern Methodist University 1 (Rahfin Faruk and Arvind Venkataraman)
Stanford University 1 (Alex Alifimoff and Kate Falkenstein)
United States Naval Academy (Paul Daly and Christopher Dinelli)
University of Cape Town (Tristan von Zahn and Daniel Corder)
University of Florida 1 (Rajiv Varghese and Christian Chessman)
University of Houston (Jacob Koshak and Eric Lanning)
University of Mary Washington 1 (Leandra Lopez and Tom Pacheco
University of Mary Washington 2 (Alex Obolensky and Mariah Young)
University of Miami (Ali Jessani and Ryden Butler)
University of Pittsburgh (Paras Minhas and Chris Solis)
University of Richmond 1 (Danielle Taylor and Danielle Camous)
University of Rochester (Robert Poole and Emily Breeding)
University of Southern Mississippi (Brandon Hersey and Samantha Rayborn)
West Virginia University (Nina Orteza and Marissa Russell)

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