Topic: Resolved: that amnesty should be granted to illegal immigrants currently living in the United States.

Final Table: 

American University

Claremont University

Cornell University (First Place)

James Madison University (Second Place)

University of Alaska

University of Vermont

Final Table Jury:

Richard Baugh, Harrisonburg Mayor

Rick Castaneda, Counselor at Harrisonburg City schools

John Humphries, JMU Debate alum

Round 1

Affirmative: CUNY, West Virginia, Towson; Negative: American, Vermont, Piedmont; Moderator: Kevin Kuswa; Jury:Robinson, Smitherman, Hickerson, Baugher

Round 2

Affirmative: Liberty, Towson 2, Vermont; Negative: Richmond 2, CUNY, Cornell 1; Moderator: Neil Butt; Jury:  Stackman, Goode, Richards

Round 3

Affirmative: JMU 1, Richmond 1, Pittsburgh; Negative: Towson 2, UPENN, Liberty; Moderator: Just; Jury: Dean, Finnegan, Smitherman

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