Christine Baker

Jessica Beck

Nichole Bigley, Communications and Mediation and Law Minor

Holly Cybulski

Maura Lane

Kathleen Shea

Julianne Wagner


Serim Byers, College of Arts & Letters

Deana Vetter, College of Arts & Letters


Tara Riley, College of Visual & Performing Arts

Dara Light, College of Arts & Letters


Allen Brooks, College of Arts & Letters

Christopher France, Integrated Science and Technology

Michelle Lancaster, Political Science, Political Communication and Italian Minors


Kathryn Baer, Political Science and International Affairs

Valerie Feldman, Anthropology and Biology

Suyoung Kim, College of Arts & Letters

Leonard Tengco, College of Arts & Letters


Brian Gooch, College of Arts & Letters


Alexis Gonzales-Black, Biology

Jessica Hall, College of Arts & Letters

John Magnotti, Integrated Science & Technology

Corey Yarbrough, Justice Studies


Stephanie Feulner,Integrated Science & Technology and Business Minor

Mary Mosley-Jensen, Communication Studies


Tory Federwisch, Political Science and International Humanities

Christopher M. Gray, History, Political Communication Minor

Evan Levy, Corporate Communication

Tiffany Pryce, B.S. Biotechnology

W. Thomas Webb, Political Science

Adam Pedan, Public Administration

Jeremy Lawson, Bachelor of Science

Luke Plotica, College of Arts & Letters

Andrew Wilson, Communication Studies

Cate Morrison, English Literature

Brian Murphy, College of Arts & Letters

Diane Mislevy, College of Arts & Letters

John Willemin, Integrated Science and Technology, Computer Science Minor

Lisa Tawil, Communication Studies

Daniel Blauer, Communication Studies

Piero Mannino, Philosophy and Political Science, Political Communication Minor

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