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Information technology is an essential element of academic life, enabling study, research and personal communication. As a means to excellence in achieving its education, research and service missions, the University provides and supports computing and electronic communication services for all its students, faculty and staff. We invite you to become acquainted with the variety and depth of information technology resources available.

Computing Quick Start

Are you new to JMU? New students and new faculty and staff can get a "quick start" with JMU computing technology by visiting the web sites below.

  • Applicants -  Get help finding your pin, activating your e-ID and creating your password to log into MyMadison and other frequently asked technical questions.
  • Students - Get Help, Computing News, e-ID FAQs, JMU Email, MyMadison, Computer Security, Connecting to the JMU Network, Computer Hardware Repairs, Hardware and Software Recommendations/Configurations, Computer Labs, Telephone Services, and Computing Policies.

  • Faculty and Staff - Get Help, Computing News, e-ID FAQs, Exchange Email, Accounts, Information Systems, MyMadison, Computer Security, Computer Hardware and Software, Computing Labs, Connecting to the JMU Network and Computing Policies

We look forward to interacting with you as you use these and the many other information technology resources available to you as a member of the JMU community.