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 Information technology is an essential element of academic life, enabling study, research and personal communication. As a means to excellence in achieving its education, research and service missions, the University provides and supports computing and electronic communication services for all its students, faculty and staff. I invite you to become acquainted with the variety and depth of information technology resources available.

Dale B. Hulvey
Assistant Vice President
Email - hulveydb@jmu.edu
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Illegal File Sharing and Copyright Infringement

Truth or Consequences

“I thought it was free …” “What about fair use …” “I bought the song legally…”  “Someone else must have put that movie on my computer” … “I didn’t know…”  “I didn’t think anyone would know…”

These are just some of the popular defenses individuals use when approached with a copyright violation.  Many see the Internet as a free source of music, videos and other works.  They perceive illegal downloading and unauthorized use or sharing of copyrighted materials as harmless.  Don't make this mistake--the penalties can be severe.

Artists and media companies are increasingly vigilant in their efforts to identify copyright offenders.  When it is determined that a member of the university community is suspected of distributing copyrighted materials without proper authorization, JMU is required to respond—detracting from other work and causing unnecessary cost.  The excessive use of network bandwidth also inhibits others in our community trying to use limited resources. If you/your computer are involved in illegal file sharing: you may also be exposing other information stored on your computer; your network privileges can be suspended for inappropriate use; and, you can be prosecuted under university policy or state/federal law for your infringement of copyright. The best approach is to escape the need for an excuse by avoiding peer-to-peer software such as Gnutella, BitTorrent and others. Instead, use one of the many legal download sources for acquiring music and movies.  Or, if file sharing software is necessary, make sure it is configured to disable sharing of local files. If you have questions about handling copyrighted media, where to find legal sources or configuring your machine see: http://www.jmu.edu/computing/fileshare.shtml or http://www.jmu.edu/copyright/.

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If you suspect an abuse of JMU's information technology policies and standards, or electronic abuse, please e-mail IT Security at abuse@jmu.edu.

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