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Spring Semester 2017

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2017 Participants
Araibo Elumba Augustin Rubio Daniela Preciado Deniss Nyka
Araibo Jose Elumba Agustin Arce Rubio Daniela Tejeda Preciado Deniss Efesper Nkya
Philippines Mexico Mexico Tanzania

Fional Nanungi Flavia Namboowa Forrabe Ayer Leticia Borges
Fionah Nanungi Flavia Namboowa Forrabe Ayer Leticia Fonseca Borges
Uganda Uganda Ghana Brazil

Mimmi Nurul Mostafa Zahir Patrick Wanyama Peter Mpaata
Mimmi Variami Nurul Fitriarti El Mostafa Zahir Patrick Wanjala Wanyama Peter Mpaata
Indonesia Morocco Kenya Uganda

Rahid Wahid Raymond Kunzinie Sofia Rahanserhang Suzette Palicte
Rachid Wahid Raymond Kunzinle Sofia Rahanserang Suzette Palicte
Morocco Ghana Indonesia Philippines
William Fleming High School visit
ILEP Cultural Presentations

Note: these presentations are streaming from YouTube and will open up in another window. The presentations are best viewed full-screen if you want to see the slides more clearly.




Social Issues and Activities

ILEP Activities
  • March 18: 9am-1pm Caverns trip and 4-6pm Jazz performance at Forbes Center for the Performing Arts
  • March 20-24: Internship week
  • March 25, 8am-5pm: Volunteering with Habitat for Humanity
  • March 31, 3:30pm-5pm: Volunteering with Boys and Girls Club

  • April 1, 9am-4pm: Frontier Culture Museum
  • April 3, 4pm-5:30pm: Volunteer with Skyline Middle School
  • April 7-8: Travel to Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • April 15, 8am-5pm: Volunteering with Habitat for Humanity
  • April 20, 5:30pm-8pm: Volunteering with Gus Bus
  • April 22, 9am-5pm: Charlottesville and Monticello trip
  • April 29, 1pm-6pm: Shenandoah Park

  • May 6, 8am-12pm: College of Education Graduation Ceremony
  • May 7, 12pm-5pm: Farewell luncheon and ILEP graduation
  • May 8-9: Overnight trip to Washington, DC
  • May 15: Fellows return to their home countries
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