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Faculty & Staff

Our professors are versatile and enthusiastic, bringing a variety of academic credentials and several bring unique combinations of disciplines and experience in government and industry into the classroom. Most of the faculty members hold doctoral degrees in their field.

In the Finance and Business Law program, the primary responsibility of each professor is to provide students with the very best undergraduate and graduate instruction. We take pride in the teaching skills of our faculty. In addition to being outstanding teachers, the members of the faculty are engaged in both research and consulting activities. Results of faculty research have appeared in many nationally recognized publications.

Finance Faculty

Jaideep Chowdhury, Assistant Professor

Pamela Drake, Professor

Jason D. Fink,  Professor

Kristin E. Fink,  Professor

Mark Graham, Instructor  

Wilson Liu, Professor

Ron Rubin, Instructor

Kayti Schumann, Assistant Professor

Elias Semaan, Associate Professor

Hui Sono, Department Head and Associate Professor

Carl Ullrich, Assistant Professor

Adam Usman, Visiting Assistant Professor

Owen Williams, Visiting Assistant Professor

Business Law Faculty 

Arthur J. Hamilton, Professor

David L. Parker, Instructor

Daphyne S. Thomas, Professor