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CIS & BSAN Faculty and Staff 

CIS & BSAN faculty members are committed to providing an environment of educational excellence. Our faculty create and disseminate meaningful scholarly contributions in the fields of computer information systems, management science and operations management. In addition, our faculty are active leaders and participants in the academic, professional and James Madison University communities.

Ms. Laura Atkins

Dr. Dmytro Babik

Dr. Michael Busing (Associate Dean for Academic Affairs)

Mr. Carey Cole

Dr. Tom Dillon (CyberCity Co-Director & CIS Advisor)

Dr. Jeremy Ezell

Dr. Art Gowan (Department Head)

Dr. John Guo

Dr. Nic Huang

Mr. James Jewett (Lead - CyberSecurity Lab)

Mr. David Jones (COB IT Director)

Mr. John Karabelas

Dr. S E Kruck

Dr. Diane Lending

Dr. Ina Markham

Dr. Jeff May 

Dr. Michel Mitri

Dr. Raktim Pal

Dr. Susan Palocsay (BSAN Coordinator)

Dr. Harry Reif (CyberCity Co-Director)

Ms. Katrina Spickler

Dr. Scott Stevens

Dr. Ping Wang