Blessing Mangezi


4567 10th Avenue Glen View 3 Harare, Zimbabwe

Position Wanted:
Technical Advisor

1. Personal Data

Surname/Name: Mangezi Blessing

Address: House No 4567, 10th Avenue Glen View 3, Harare, Zimbabwe

Telephone: No +263 772 610 649 / +263 773 493 138


Skype: beemania931

Date of Birth: 10/08/1972

Nationality: Zimbabwean

Gender: Male

Marital Status: Married

Driving licence: Yes

Passport No: CN 218057

ID Number: 63-804921 Z-05

2. Profile

Over 16 years experience in mine action in commercial and humanitarian demining in countries such as Mozambique, Kosovo, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Laos DPR and Sudan

Qualified IMAS EOD Level 3 operator

Experienced in various demining techniques (incl. manual, BAC, mechanical and canine assets)

Experience of working effectively in multicultural teams and environments and of managing effectively diverse teams

3. EOD Qualifications

2012: LEVEL III EOD COURSE: Mat Mondial Demining School

2007: LEVEL II / III EOD COURSE:  Minetech International

2003: LEVEL II EOD COURSE:Minetech International

2003: TEAM LEADER COURSE:Minetech International

2000: BASIC DEMINERS COURSE: Minetech International

4. Professional experience

August 2015  Up to date

Mentor/Technical Advisor

Dynasafe Minetech Limited, Darfur, Sudan


Overseeing planning and preparation of all Multi-tasking team activities, supervising and advising the national team leader in all aspects of Multi-tasking activities, team supervision/monitoring, operations and reporting.

Conducting site reconnaissance where necessary to complete the implementation plan.

Supervising deployment of the team to operational sites.

Conducting Internal Quality Assurance for the team, recording of IMSMA QA forms relevant to the task and ensuring that the team leader works on all non-conformities and corrective actions.

Ensuring the team have accurate and current site mapping and maintain a proper record of all the documents.

Liaising with the task manager in all matters related to cleared area handover policies and procedures.

Advising in all logistic support requirements for the team, equipment handling, accounting and maintenance.

Ensuring the maintenance and safe and appropriate storage of technical materials and equipment such as explosive and accessories.

Developing training plan, conducting and supervising all training required as per organization SOPs, capacity building plan, and as directed by the Operations Manager.

Supervising emergency evacuation in accordance with the SOP, CASEVAC plan for the team and ensure that the required reports are compiled and forwarded accurately.

Maintaining with support by the team leader proper team discipline

Responsible for reporting and submitting the daily progress report in the approved IMSMA format.

February 2013June 2015Field Supervisor/Mentor (Reporting to the technical Operations Manager)

TDI, The Development Initiative, Darfur, Sudan


Running Explosive Remnants of War recognition courses for United Nation African Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) military/civilian personnel

Supervision of a multi task clearance team with support of a national team leader for UNOPS operations in Darfur

Ensuring that all safety precautions (SOP/NTSG) are adhered to.

Running and maintaining team finances and provide complete records for accounting purposes.

Advising and assisting the national team leader on technical matters

Liaising with the client (UNAMID ODO and NMAC) on technical and team deployment matters.

Preparing and submitting weekly/monthly and other IMSMA reports for the client (UNAMID ODO) and Operations/Project Manager.

Training of local national staff to the required IMAS standards.

Conducting EOD tasks beyond the qualification of the team leader.

Consulting the Medical coordinator for all necessary medical procedures regarding safety and welfare of the team.

November 2007  August 2012

Field Supervisor (reporting to the Operation/Programme Manager)

Mine Tech International, Darfur, Sudan


Implementing the organizations SOP/MTPs for cleared area handover and all requirements as provided in IMAS and local NMAA Standards.

Supervision of three (3) multi tasking clearance teams in support of UNOPS Operations in Darfur.

Managing budget for three (3) operational teams of National staff with international team leaders. Managing team finances and providing complete records for accounting purposes.

Management of teams, personnel administration, supervision of vehicle fleet of over six vehicles.

Liaison with the client (UNMAO) on technical matters.

Advising team leader on technical matters.

Training locals staff Basic Demining Course up to advanced level.

Drafting and implementing appropriate methodology.

Briefing the client and high profile visitors, including U.N Donors on operation progress and problems encountered.

Monitoring all clearance activities according to SOP and NTSG.

Preparing weekly and monthly reports and other IMSMA forms and submitting them to UNMAO and Programme manager.

Logical and personnel management of the clearance teams.

Consulting the Medical coordinator for all medical procedures regarding safety and welfare.

December 2005  July 2006

Team Leader

Mine Tech International, Lao DPR


Supervising and monitoring a team of 14 men as part of the manual and bush clearance for ITD Nam Theun II Hydro power project.

Ensuring that all deminers are working correctly according to the Sops and wearing their Safety Gear (PPE) properly.

Reporting to the Field Manager all daily activities.

Conducting Explosive ordinance disposal (for mines and UXOs found).

Ensuring safety of all subordinates on and off the field.

Writing Completion reports on task completed and also drawing scaled map for each completed minefield task.

Preparing Weekly and Progress reports for the client.

Managing vehicle fleet, camps and demining operations assets.

Conducting Internal Quality Assessment (QA)

July 2004  February 2005

Team Leader

Mine Tech International, Afghanistan


Worked in Afghanistan for the expansion of Bagram Airbase in support of Contrack International operations in Kabul and areas such as Kandahar and Herat US military bases.

To make available and maintenance of site documentation

Ensuring all Casevac drills are regualry done and that safety procedures are followed.

Ensuring that all deminers are working according to the Sops

Reporting to field Manager all daily activities in and out of the Field.

Writing Completion reports on task completed and also drawing scaled map for each completed mine field task.

Explosive ordinance disposal (for mines and UXOs).

Conducting Internal Quality Assessment (QA)

May 2002  February 2003

Team Leader

Mine Tech International, Lebanon


Team leader for a project for the refugee resettlement program for OES in South Lebanon.

Ensuring that all deminers are working according to the SOPs

Explosive ordinance disposal (for mines and UXOs).

Reporting to field Manager all daily activities and writing completion reports on task completed incl. drawing scaled maps for each completed mine field task.

Ensuring availability and maintenance of site documentation

Ensuring all Casevac drills are regularly done and that safety procedures are followed.

Conducting Internal Quality Assessment (QA)

August 2000

December 2000Deminer /2ic

Mine Tech International, Mozambique


Supporting the demining team as deminer on provision of 1 MAST for geo-technical surveyors along 540km of gas pipe line of Temane Block for the SASOL gas pipeline project

Assisting the team leader in supervising and training local colleagues

Clearance of minefields, railway lines, culverts, bridges, trip wire mine fields and house clearance

Conducting Internal Quality Assessment (QA)

5. Education

1994A Level, Lord Malvern High School

1992O Level, Glen Norah High School

6. Computer Skills

Microsoft Office tools such as Word, Excel and Power Point

7. Language Skills

English: Full working level (Speak: Fluent / Writing: Good)

Shona: Mother tongue

8. Referees

Paul Smit, Project Manager Darfur, Dynasafe Minetech Limited, Cell +249906068085


Ian Anderson, Regional Operations Manager, The Development Initiative, Tel +263776325


Artur Tigani Senior Instructor Mat Mondial Demining School Kosovo, Email:, Cell :  +377 44 168787

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