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Submission Guidelines

Note: Please do not include images within the text of your article. The quality is too poor for printing.

Length: 800 - 1,200 words and submitted in Microsoft Word (or a digital file in a simple text format). R&D articles can be up to 2,500 words.

Images: Must be in a digital format at 300 dpi or better when scaled. The larger the file size the better quality the photo when printed. Submit all images/graphics by CD, DVD or e-mail (no .zip files please). Do not send them in a Microsoft Word document. All photos must be accompanied by captions and credit information. Please contact if you have questions about your images.

We recommend an average of one photo or two tables/figures per 750 words.

Line art
 (graphs, charts, etc.):  Scanned at 600 dpi or better. Submit all images/graphics by CD, or e-mail (no .zip files please).

Contact Information/bio: Articles must contain a title, author and full contact information at the end of the article (i.e., phone, e-mail and mailing address). Please include a head shot photo and bio (up to 60 words) of the author for inclusion at the end of the article. Consider including credentials, books authored and other biographical information.

The Editorial Staff reserves the right to reject submissions that include text copied from other sources in part or as a whole. Works that have been published previously and for which the author retains publishing rights may be submitted, but the JEMA requires the author provide notification of this when submitting the article and give contact information for the original publisher so that reprint permission may be verified. Reprint submissions for which this information is not provided up front may be rejected.

Submit materials to:

Managing Editor
Journal of CWD
James Madison University
MSC 4902 
Harrisonburg, VA 22807
Phone: 540-568-2718

Authors who submit articles to The Journal are expected to do so in good faith and are solely responsible for the content therein, including the accuracy of all information and correct attribution for quotations and citations.

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