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We Love Life

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We Love Life 2014

In 2014, an updated version of We Love Life was implemented in conjunction with NCDR and LLCR to improve the lives and well-being of Jordanian children and Syrian refugees residing in Jordan by carrying out an ERW risk education program that combines adult-focused ERW risk education and “train-the- trainer” team development activities with a child-focused artistic component. The end result is a population better prepared to exercise safe behavior near areas contaminated with landmines and unexploded ordnance. This population is also equipped to communicate safety messages to peers.

A series of ERW Risk Education (RE) team preparation workshops for adult Syrian refugees residing in northern Jordan trained 75 adults to teach ERW RE within their communities. A series of artistic workshops for Jordanian children and Syrian refugee children living in northern Jordan reached 500 boys and girls. Risk education materials were produced based on art created during the youth-focused workshops. The materials were distributed among children, youth and adults in schools and communities in the area and elsewhere in Jordan. The materials include sketchbooks and notebooks (approximately 20,000 items) designed with covers using drawings the youth made in the workshops that contain MRE messages, as well as items of practical use to community residents, such as calendars and boxes of colored pencils, with MRE messages displayed on them (approximately 6,800 items).

Children's workshops:

School Dates Jordanian
Syrian refugee
Princess Alia Bint Al Hussein School 4/20/14-4/24/14 100 100
Hay Al Ulaimat School 4/27/14-5/3/14 100 100
Ja’far Al Tayar School 5/4/14-5/8/14 50 50